Update 19 :: Welcome To The Workshop

Howdy Pioneers!

Update 19 is now live on Steam! A big thank you to those that helped test the new mod system. A special thank you to Ellmite for helping track down a lot of hard coded language strings and the first translation mod on the Steam Workshop.


Official Mod integration is here and supports translations and gameplay tweaks. The Steam Workshop has been integrated into the new Mod Manager interface. Mod creators can upload their mod to the workshop and users can subscribe to mods on the Workshop for use in their game.

Want to create a mod for Mercury Fallen? Check out the Modding Guide.

Planet Map Display Modes

A new piece of equipment can be crafted and installed into the Map Table to to unlock display modes. The new display modes visualize data for discovered biomes, temperature, elevation, moisture and available resources.

Localization Support

Part of the focus of adding mod support is to enable the creation and usage of language translations. While the core game includes English, the Steam Workshop is available for players to create and use language mods for additional languages.

If using a language mod be sure to change the active language in settings after the mod is enabled in the Mod Manager. A German Translation of the game is available on the Workshop with more languages to follow.

If you’re interested in translating the game, please check out the Language Translation Guide.

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Release Notes


  • Added mod support for loading/managing user created mods
  • Added Steam Workshop support
  • Added Mods button to main menu to open Mod Manager interface
  • Added Language setting. English is the only default option, but supports user language mods.
  • Added display modes to surface map interface. Must install new craftable equipment item in map table.


  • Game now pauses when Steam Overlay is open
  • Updated look of in game menu
  • Small UI Scale setting is a little bigger
  • Large UI Scale setting is a little smaller
  • Can now cancel vehicle construction in Vehicle Assembly Station
  • Enable/Deconstruct buttons on object panel now icon buttons with tooltips
  • Warning icons over objects are centered over object instead of offset in some instances
  • Changed how water is generated in when starting a new map


  • Fixed: Selected colonists in roster no longer selected when opening roster management list
  • Fixed: UI HUD inventory item names overlap when wrapped to a second line
  • Fixed: Broken/Missing language string references for various UI elements
  • Fixed: Vehicle/Facility info panel still showing when changing from planet map to another tab on the facility management screen.
  • Fixed: Major lag spikes related to power/water conduits
  • Fixed: Minor lag spikes related to minimap updates

Hope everyone is having a great new year so far. I have some big plans for 2019. First up is an update that focuses on bringing initial mod support to Mercury Fallen.


The next update will add in official support for XML mods that can tweak existing content or add new content such as additional languages. Mods that add new artwork and Steam Workshop support are currently being investigated, but may not make it into this update. This is only the beginning, and further support will be added in future updates.

Mod Manager Window

A Test Build will be available next week for those who want to test mod support. Your feedback will be very helpful in identifying what the community wants and needs. Additional information and guides will be made available for those interested in creating or using mods.

Display Modes

While mod support is the major focus of Update 19, I’ve also added new display modes for the surface map. The Discovered Biomes display mode shows discovered biomes in green and undiscovered biomes in red. This will help explorers track down missing biomes.

Additionally there are display modes for temperature, moisture and elevation. While these tile attributes are not critical at the moment, they will play a part in some of the planned content in development.

What type of mods do you want to see? If you’re interested in creating mods for Mercury Fallen, please reach out and let me know the types of mods you want to create. Thank you all for a great 2018 and I look forward to creating some exciting new content in 2019!

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