Developer Log #26 :: Robotics Progress

I wanted to post a quick update regarding the progress so far on the next update. Alpha 0.11 is coming along very nicely, but is taking a bit longer than originally planned. Quite a bit of new content is being pushed in to this update including new items, recovery projects, object and even a new […]

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Developer Log #25 :: Robots

This week I’ve been working on various aspects of the game for the next content update and I wanted to report on the progress so far. Robots are currently free labor as they can’t die and don’t have any needs to fulfill. It has always been the plan to have more requirements for robots as well as […]

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Alpha 0.10a :: Patch Release

Alpha 0.10a

After receiving some great feedback and bug reports I was able to track down and fix several pesky issues. 0.10a is a minor patch release to address some of these bugs and add a couple of smaller features. Check out the release notes below for a full break down of changes and fixes. Release Notes […]

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Alpha 0.10 :: Stressed Out

Alpha 0.10 Release

I’m very happy to say that the alpha 0.10 update is now available and it’s the first update on Steam! This update has a bunch of new content as well as several tweaks and bug fixes. A huge thanks to everyone who has provided feedback.   Decor The colonists at the Mercury Facility now have a desire for beauty. […]

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Developer Log #24 :: Test Builds

Mercury Fallen is now available on Steam and the response has been awesome. A huge thank you to everyone who has played Mercury Fallen and for the great feedback. I am deeply humbled by the amount of positivity the Steam community has shown me. I am very happy to see gamers enjoying Mercury Fallen and there is a […]

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Developer Log #23 :: Moving Forward

Mercury Fallen was first released on Itch.IO on April 7, 2017 as a prototype demo. Shortly after that a full early access release hit Itch.IO and the response has been amazing. On October 16, 2017 Mercury Fallen will be available for purchase on Steam and I’m super excited to continue to develop the game and grow the community. The […]

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Mercury Fallen Now On Steam

I am very excited to announce that Mercury Fallen is now on Steam and will be available for purchase October 16, 2017. Be sure to add it to your wishlist and get notified when it’s available for purchase. Anyone who has purchased the game on Itch.IO will have access to a free Steam Key so they can […]

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Alpha 0.09a :: Patch Update

Mercury Fallen :: Alpha 0.09a

Howdy folks! This is just a quick patch update to fix up a couple of things and further increase performance and stability. It really helps me out to get feedback about the game so keep that bug reporting and feedback coming. The development focus, for the moment, is getting the game ready for the big Steam release. The game […]

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Alpha 0.09 :: Power Play

Mercury Fallen :: Alpha 0.09

This update took a bit longer than previous updates, but getting the new power/water generation working as intended was a bigger undertaking then I expected it to be. While existing save games are supported, some features work best on a fresh new game. There are a lot of great new features, changes and tweaks so without […]

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Alpha 0.09 Feature Preview

A quick overview of some of the features coming soon in Alpha 0.09!

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