Developer Log #43 :: Minimap and more

I’ve been listening to your feedback and working on a smaller update to add and improve various things. Thanks for the great feedback and bug reports. Be sure to check out the Update 17 survey if you haven’t already.   Facility Minimap A highly requested feature has been the addition of a minimap. A new […]

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Update 17 Now Live!

Howdy Pioneers, Update 17 is now available and there are many additions, changes and fixes. A huge thanks for the great feedback from all of you who checked out the Test Build! So much has changed that it was time for a new Mercury Fallen trailer.   Updated Graphics Walls, doors and dirt have been […]

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Developer Log #42 :: Whale Miner

Howdy Pioneers! Alpha 0.17 development is in the internal testing stage, before it heads over to the Test Build branch. Aside from all the other new content discussed in the previous developer logs, I wanted to show the new vehicles that are coming as well.   New Vehicles Two new vehicles are being added that […]

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Developer Log #41 :: Equipment

The next update is progressing very well and I wanted to cover some additional details of what to expect in Alpha 0.17.   Updated Attribute System As mentioned in a previous developer log, I’ve been working on adding equipment that can be installed/equipped to affect colonists, machines and vehicles. This has taken a bit longer […]

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Developer Log #40 :: Graphics Update

Howdy Pioneers! This week, I started working on something slightly unexpected. While it is on the to-do list, it wasn’t originally planned for the next content update. But it rose up quickly on the priority list, as it was required in order to do some of the other planned features. Updated Wall Graphics When I […]

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Developer Log #39 :: Road Map

Howdy Pioneers! A huge thanks for all the support and feedback. There are a lot of things on my to-do list, but I wanted to go over some of the targeted content for the next update and beyond.   Discovery Interface The discoveries interface is undergoing a bit of a face lift. I added quite […]

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Alpha 0.16 Now Live!

Howdy Pioneers! Alpha 0.16 is now live on Steam, bringing new content, changes and fixes. A huge thanks for the great feedback from all of you who checked out the Test Build!   Main Features New Geothermal generator New Thermal vents New research progress meter in lower HUD interface New ‘drop off items’ vehicle action […]

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Alpha 0.16 Test Build Now Available!

Alpha 0.16 is now available on the Test Build branch on Steam. There are a bunch of great new additions, changes and fixes. Notable changes include new geothermal power generation, improved construction and hauling behavior, UI improvements and more. If you’re interested in helping test this new version, check out the link below.   For […]

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Developer Log #38 :: More Power

Alpha 0.15 was a big update and, now that I’ve fixed its critical issues, I’ve hit the ground running on more content. Various additions, changes and improvements are on the way. Let’s take a look. Geothermal Generator Thermal vents have been added to the underground map and can be tapped for power. The new Geothermal […]

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Alpha 0.15 :: Surface Exploration

Alpha 0.15 is now available on Steam! This update took longer than previous updates, and longer than I would have preferred, but there are a lot of great new features, updates and fixes. I’m especially excited about the planet exploration content.   Planetary Exploration Operations Center Colonists can now research and build an operations center […]

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