Alpha 0.14 :: Test Build Now Available!

Alpha 0.14 is now available for testing! Alpha 0.14 brings a host of new additions including new crops, crafting recipes, rooms, objects and more! Click below for information about what the Test Build branch is and how to access it: For more information about this version, including the full release notes, check out the Alpha […]

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Developer Log #32 :: Alpha 0.14 Almost There

The alpha 0.14 update is quite a big update and is taking a bit longer than initially planned. I’ve made a lot of great progress and wanted to share some of the things you can expect to find in the next update.   Colonist Portraits The colonist info window shows a colonist portrait image at […]

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Developer Log #31 :: Alpha 0.14 Progress Update

Another update to cover some of the things currently being worked on for the alpha 0.14 update. There is a lot of new content in development and it’s coming along very well. I wanted to focus on some additional details and changes that have occurred since the previous developer log.   Aquarium As mentioned in […]

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Developer Log #30 :: Food & More

Howdy Folks. Since the last update I’ve been working on a bunch of new content for the next update. Things are coming along very well and I wanted to cover some of the new things coming in the next update.   More Food Options The poor colonists are currently existing only on mashed potatoes, but […]

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Alpha 0.13a :: Patch

Alpha 0.13a is now available on Steam. This is a minor, but critical, update to resolve crashing issues for Mac users. There are a few additional tweaks and fixes included as well.   Release Notes Added: Robot charge pad now has a particle effect when in use. Changed: Additional aspect ratios now supported under resolution […]

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Alpha 0.13 :: Lost & Found

Mercury Fallen :: Alpha 0.13

I’m super excited to announce that Alpha 0.13 is now available on Steam! A lot of work has been put in to this update and there are many great content additions, changes and fixes. Important Notes While existing save games will still load, much of the new content will only appear when starting a new […]

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Alpha 0.13 Test Build Now Available

Alpha 0.13 is now available for testing on Steam. A lot of great new features including new world generation, discoveries, new notification system, performance improvements and a lot more! For more information, including the full release notes, check out the Alpha 0.13 Test Build discussion: Features New World Generation World generation when starting a new […]

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Developer Log #28 :: Discoveries

Mercury Fallen has come a long way, but it also has a lot further to go. The two main big focus points for the game are exploration and expansion. Expansion has had a lot of work in terms of new room types, object and materials. This will continue to be developed, but I want to […]

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Alpha 0.12b Patch

Another minor patch is now available on Steam to fix up a few additional issues. With these resolved I will now resume focus on the next major content release. Also, Mercury Fallen is now available for purchase in all currencies that Steam supports. As always a big thank you to those that have helped test […]

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Alpha 0.12a Patch

Alpha 0.12a is now available to address some of the more critical issues found in the 0.12 update. About Decor There was an issue with the decor system that caused decor values to not be calculated correctly. This has been resolved, but means that colonists will now generate more stress on average. To balance this […]

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