Developer Log #48

Howdy Folks,

Thanks for all the great feedback on Update 20. While update 20 focused on new colonist mechanics, the next update will focus on adding more surface content.


Colonists will finally be able to leave the facility and explore the surface via expeditions. A scanning station will allow colonists to scan the surface to find points of interest.

The area available for scanning can be extended by converting the D.O.G.E. or Wasp into a remote radar station.

Once a POI is discovered, an expedition party can be sent out to investigate. A POI will offer a mini-story with choices on how to handle what has been found.

Expeditions will offer a new way to find discoveries, items, story content and research data.


Research points are being added which will offer more depth and flexibility to the research system. Instead of targeting a specific research project, colonists will generate research points at the computer station.

These new research points can be spent on the research screen to unlock research projects. Some research projects may additionally require tech fragment or bio samples which can be acquired through expeditions.

The research tree is also being expanded.

Inventory Priority

Inventory priority is being added to containers. Colonists will bring items to the highest priority container.

Personal Note

I’ll be away next week on vacation. I’ll still be checking the forums and social media. Development will continue when I return.

Thanks again for all the awesome feedback. If you haven’t had a chance be sure to check out the latest survey and let me know what you’re interested in most.

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