After being sent to a distant planet, a group of colonists awake to find that their stasis capsules have malfunctioned causing them to oversleep. The once-new facility has fallen to ruin.

Mercury Fallen is a relaxed sci-fi colony management experience with a focus on exploration, expansion and story progression. Mercury Fallen provides a more laid-back approach to colony management that you can play at your own pace. Story and mission content provide players with short- and long-term goals while procedurally generated environments provide additional replayability. Mercury Fallen is currently under development by a solo developer.

Rebuild and expand the colony, grow crops, build structures, recover technologies and discover lost secrets to ensure the survival of your new home away from home.

Deconstruct the ruins and mine for resources. Construct rooms and various equipment for producing materials, robots, power, water and managing colonist needs.

Discover new resources, discoveries and lore as you explore and exploit the planet surface using a variety of constructed vehicles. Expand your power network above ground with a variety of power generation methods.

Research new technologies to unlock new rooms, objects and recipes. Make new discoveries underground and send colonists on expeditions to the planet surface. Discover new technologies, resources and story content.

Manage your colonists’ needs by designing and constructing sleeping, recreation, dining areas and more. Each colonist has unique quirks that affect their behavior in various ways. Manage colonist schedules to ensure they stay happy and motivated.

And more…

  • Grow clones and assemble robots to expand your facility population.
  • Manage colonists’ injuries, ailments, jobs, quirks and needs.
  • Grow various terrestrial and alien crops for material and meal production.
  • Uncover additional colonists, robots and discoveries hidden in collapsed sections of the Mercury Facility.
  • Discover information about a missing colonist via data logs (more story/lore content in development)
  • Build and manage power and water resources.
  • Research technology to unlock new structures, recipes, crops and more.
  • Send your colonists to explore points of interest on the surface.
  • React to and prepare for random events such as cave-ins and crop disease.
  • Customize your colonists’ names, outfit colors and equipment.
  • Take advantage of procedural generation, so that each new game is a new experience.

Mercury Fallen is being developed by Tim Pelham, sole member of Nitrous Butterfly.

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