Patch 1.18 Experimental

Howdy Folks!

I recently released Patch 1.18 and, unfortunately, had to roll back to update 1.17 due to various reported issues. After making some extensive code changes I’m re-releasing Patch Update 1.18 on to the experimental branch on Steam for testing. This update includes what was previously included as well as some new fixes and tweaks.

Why Is It On the Experimental Branch?

In addition to fixing the issues with the first release of 1.18, I made some extensive code changes to reduce memory overhead and resolve longer play times causing the game to become unstable. While I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out the kinks, I want your help to track down any lingering issues before pushing it out to the main branch.

What is the Experimental Branch and how do I access it?

Please let me know in the below Steam thread, or in the experimental channel on Discord, if you encounter any issues while using update 1.18 on the experimental branch.

Patch Update 1.18 Experimental Info & Patch Notes

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