Update 36.6

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone is doing well. I’m very excited to announce minor update 36.6 which includes an amazing new feature, a few changes and some fixes.

Resource Management

A long requested feature has been to have greater control over when colonists harvest or mine resources based on existing resource quantities. This feature has now been implemented with the introduction of the crop manager and the mining manager.

Crop Manager

The crop manager allows you to set maximum values for botanists and biologists. A value of zero means there is no limit for that resource. Botanists and Biologists will no longer plant additional seed if there is an equal to or greater amount of that item already in storage.

Mining Manager

The mining manager allows you to define maximum values for mined and transported resources. A value of zero means there is no limit for that resource.

If the value in storage of a given resource is equal to or greater than the defined amount then:

  • Miners won’t mine any more of that resource
  • Vehicles won’t mine any more of that resource
  • Transport vehicles won’t collect those resources from mining platforms

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Release Notes


  • Added Resource Management research which unlocked the crop manager and mining manager
  • Added Crop Manager station which allows players to define resource limits for crops
  • Added Mining Manager station which allows players to define resource limits for mined resources
  • Added 2 discoveries. These discoveries are automatically unlocked when starting a new game (or loading a save game prior to this update).
  • Added animation to water pump when it is actively outputting water
  • Updated look of the water pump


  • Updated engine to Unity 2019.4.40
  • Updated modding guide in Steam Guides
  • Can now change spinner number field values by 10 or 100 at a time if pressing shift or control (command on Mac) while pressing the + or – button.
  • Machines that require water now have an internal buffer to resolve issues with machines being out of water when loading a save game. This mainly fixes an issue with the solid fuel generator no longer providing power after loading a save game in some instances.


  • Fixed: Weakling quirk incorrectly affecting muscles max value instead of its current value
  • Fixed: Items from a deconstructed object disappear if a valid drop tile can be found near the object. If a drop tile can’t be found, the items will now be put into the colonists inventory that deconstructed the object.
  • Fixed: Grammar mistake in the Introduction guide section

Howdy Folks!

Update 36.3 is another smaller update, but includes some great quality of life additions and a few fixes. A huge thanks for all the great feedback. If you’re enjoying Mercury Fallen certainly leave a review as it helps with the Steam algorithm. Also be sure to spread the word about Mercury Fallen.

Controlled Edibles

Set allowed edibles section in colonist info panel

You can now control what a colonist will and will not eat, but setting their allowed edibles in the settings tab of their info panel. Allowed edibles can be copied and pasted to better control your colony food intake.

Wind Turbine Hover Info

Hover info showing wind turbine efficiency and elevation during placement

The wind turbine generates more or less power depending on elevation. This efficiency information is now displayed while placing the wind turbine so that you can ensure you place it in a good spot.

Job Role Assignments Overview

Job role assignments list showing how many colonists are assigned to each job based on priority

A new section on the colonist management screen has been added which gives a quick breakdown of how many colonists are assigned to each job role and at what priority.

Check out the release notes below for the full list of changes, fixes and additions. There are more smaller updates coming. Let me know what you like, what you don’t and what you would want to see in Mercury Fallen.

Thanks everyone and stay safe out there!

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Release Notes


  • Can now control what a colonist is allowed to eat using a new section under colonist info settings tab
  • Changed equipment tab name in colonist info to settings
  • Updated the look of the inventory UI section for better consistency
  • Updated how allowed fuel is assigned for the solid fuel generator for better consistency with other controls
  • Added wind turbine hover info during placement that shows efficiency/elevation information
  • Added Job Role Assignment section to colonist management screen. This is a cleaner breakdown of what jobs are assigned based on priority.


  • Fixed: Dimension info showing when using copy/paste
  • Fixed: Mold, water, fuel and vomit visuals not showing correctly
  • Fixed: Game freeze after clicking ok button on the save game can’t load error window
  • Fixed: Needless trailing zeroes in wind turbine efficiency info text
  • Fixed: Several seconds of lag when opening construction queue window with a lot of items queued up for construction
  • Fixed: Food counts not initialized properly when loading a save game. This would sometimes result in the “Low On Food” notice even though you were not low on food.

Howdy Folks!

Another week and, I’m quite excited to say, a minor update is now available. Thanks everyone for the amazing feedback and support. This minor update focuses on some quality of life changes as well as some bug fixes.

Moving forward, I will be releasing additional smaller updates to sprinkle in various changes and additions before focusing on the next major content update. The next developer log will cover some of the smaller changes and, of course, what to expect for the next and final major content update leading to the 1.0 release of the game.

Dimension Info

When dragging out walls, floors and selecting areas there is now a dimension label that will show the width and height of the dragged out area.

HUD Inventory Info

When displaying items counts in the HUD inventory list and pinned items, the count will now also include items that are being carried by colonists. Previously items may have looked like they “disappear”, but were, in fact, just being carried by colonists. This should provide a clearer and more consistent picture of what items are available to your colony.

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Release Notes


  • Width/height info is now displayed when dragging out walls/floors
  • Width/height info is now displayed when dragging out mining/harvesting/deconstruction selection
  • Colonists will now go for medical treatment if between 80% and 100%, but at a much lower priority
  • Progress meters are now smoothly animated
  • Double craft chance on crafting machines is now 0% with no equipment items installed instead of a very small chance to occur.
  • Inventory items should no longer “disappear” from HUD inventory counts when being carried by a colonist. Item counts should only go down when items are used/consumed or become no longer reachable.


  • Fixed: Crop disease not spreading to adjacent crops
  • Fixed: Botanists still harvest crops even if diseased
  • Fixed: Double craft chance not calculated correctly when using craft efficiency equipment items
  • Fixed: Missing placement info when placing or moving objects
  • Fixed: Able to place walls directly in front of objects that hang on the wall. This resulted in wall objects becoming embedded in walls.
  • Fixed: Material not showing correctly on cursor objects when dragging out walls/floors
  • Fixed: Unable to manually edit slider values in the new game interface when starting a custom scenario
  • Fixed: Number fields generating an error when inputting non-numeric characters
  • Fixed: Clone Chamber info panel not updating if operational state changes
  • Fixed: Low food notification not occurring in some instances

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