Will Mercury Fallen Have Early Access?

Mercury Fallen is currently in early access and can be purchased on Itch.IO. Check out the alpha demo for a sample of some of the features included in the early access alpha.

How Do I get the latest updates on Itch.IO?

If you’ve purchased the game on Itch.IO than using the Itch.IO App is highly recommended as it will automatically keep the game up to date when new versions get released.

If you’ve downloaded the game file via the Itch.IO website then you’ll need to download the game again when a new version is released.

 Will Mercury Fallen be available on Steam?

Yes. While Mercury Fallen is currently only available on Itch.IO, I do plan to bring the game to Steam once it is further along in development. Users who have purchased the game on Itch.IO will receive a game key for the Steam version once it becomes available.

What Platforms Are Supported?

Mercury Fallen is currently available for both Windows PC and Mac.

When is the next update coming?

I’m always actively working on Mercury Fallen and trying to pin down release dates for updates is always challenging. My goal is always to try to add new content as well as fix any issues and, as a single developer, it’s hard to know exactly how long that might take. Updates are coming and I’ll do my best to communicate with the Mercury Fallen community on what’s coming up.

Can I monetize my videos of Mercury Fallen?

Sure! You can certainly monetize videos of Mercury Fallen game play on YouTube or other sharing platforms.

What Game Engine was Mercury Fallen built in?

Mercury Fallen is built using the Unity Game Engine. There were various systems that were coded from scratch to better handle game play elements in Mercury Fallen.

How can I contact you?

Visit the Contact page to send a direct message or post on the forums on Itch.IO.