Will Mercury Fallen Have Early Access?

Mercury Fallen is now in Early Access and available for purchase on Steam. Early Access means the game is still in development and not feature complete. Early Access is a great way to get in early and help support further development and provide feedback and suggestions for what you would like to see in the game.

 What Platforms Are Supported?

Mercury Fallen is available for both Windows PC and Mac.

When Is The Next Update Coming?

I’m always actively working on Mercury Fallen and trying to pin down release dates for updates is always challenging. My goal is always to try to add new content as well as fix any issues and, as a single developer, it’s hard to know exactly how long that might take. Updates are coming and I’ll do my best to communicate with the Mercury Fallen community on what’s coming up.

Can I Monetize My Videos Of Mercury Fallen?

Sure! You can certainly monetize videos of Mercury Fallen game play on YouTube or other sharing platforms.

Who Is Developing Mercury Fallen?

Mercury Fallen is being developed by Tim Pelham, who is the sole team member of Nitrous Butterfly.

How Can I Contact You?

Visit the Contact page to send a direct message or post on the Steam Forums.