Patch Update 1.19 On Experimental Branch

Howdy Folks!

Patch Update 1.19 is now on the experimental branch on Steam and aims to resolve game crashes that can occur during auto saves and extended play periods.

If you’re experiencing poor performance or the game crashing after playing for a couple of hours, please give this experimental branch a try and let me know if it improves your experience.

This has been a hard issue to resolve as I’ve not been able to reproduce the behavior in my testing environments. I am working on further optimizations, but I wanted to get feedback on the optimizations so far.

Thanks everyone for the great feedback and let me know if you’re still experiencing this issue. As it doesn’t affect everyone I’m trying to get a general sense of how many users are affected by these issues.

What is the Experimental Branch and how do I access it?

Please let me know in the below Steam thread, or in the experimental channel on Discord, if you encounter any issues while using update 1.19 on the experimental branch.

Patch Update 1.19 Experimental Info & Patch Notes


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