Alpha 0.08 :: Getting Organized

I’m very excited to release alpha 0.08 which has some great new features and decorations. Alpha 0.08 available now on Itch.IO.


There are quite a lot of things I still have planned for Mercury Fallen. Some of these elements are being worked on a little at a time in the back ground while I continue to add other features and content to the game. One of these background projects is the expedition system.



This is definitely one of the larger updates so far for Mercury Fallen and I’m very excited to announce that Alpha 0.07 is now available on Itch.IO. Lots of great new features, changes and fixes.


With the addition of new Quirks and colonist stats it made sense to progress a bit further in that direction. Since the beginning I’ve had a job role in place for Doctor and it’s now time to get that Doctor to work.


Mercury Fallen has come a long way and there has been a lot of changes. The pre-alpha demo has been updated and is now just the alpha demo as it better reflects the current features in the game. The demo will not receive regular updates like the paid alpha, but will be updated over time as bigger changes are released.

The alpha demo has built in restrictions such as the removal of saving/loading as well as limiting the  play time to 5 in-game​ days.​

Thanks to everyone who has played the demo and the awesome growing community who have joined the development adventure. If you haven’t experienced Mercury Fallen yet then check out the demo on Itch.IO.


  • Fixed issue with colonist movement speed calculation causing the game to become unresponsive in some instances.
  • Fixed minor error in water shader

I’m very excited to announce the release of alpha version 0.06 which available now on Itch.IO. A large focus of this update has been related to the colonist needs, attributes and the new Quirks. There have also been various updates to other parts of the game as well. Let’s take a look at some of the new features


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