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Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.08

I’m very excited to release alpha 0.08 which has some great new features and decorations. Alpha 0.08 available now on Itch.IO.

Deconstruction Options

Mercury Fallen Deconstruction Filter

The deconstruction options have been expanded and rolled in to a single control. Instead of two buttons for deconstructing Structures and Floors there is a single deconstruct button that now shows a deconstruction filter for what you want to select. This allows for easy removal of power and water conduits in addition to structures and floors.


Container Filtering

Mercury Fallen Allowed Items

A heavily requested feature has been the ability to organize the storage containers by setting what can and can’t be put in a container. Containers now have an allowed items button which controls what items are allowed in that container. This can be changed at any time and if items are in the container that don’t belong then the Hauler will remove the item(s) from the container. If there is not another suitable container for the items being removed then the Hauler will gladly dump the items on the ground.


New Decorations

Mercury Fallen Crimson Bloom

In addition to some core feature updates there are a couple of new decoration items and a new plant for the plant pot. This is the first step towards more decor items for the facility as there are definitely more coming.

Check out the release notes below for the full break down of updates & fixes.


Release Notes


  • Added Night Stand decorative object
  • Added Medical Cabinet decorative object
  • Added Crimson Bloom plant for plant pot
  • Deconstruct filter window to select what type of objects you want to deconstruct. Can now switch between Structure, Floor, Power Conduit & Water Conduit.
  • Updated colonist walk/run animation speeds to better match movement speed
  • Added new button to storage inventories that allows control over what items can be stored in that container.
  • Added new action to hauler job role to remove items that don’t belong in a container based on allowed items. If no other inventory can store the item(s) then the item will be put on the floor.
  • Various changes to object/item descriptions



  • Colonists should no longer get stuck inside storage containers
  • Colonists should better avoid standing in objects to interact with other objects
  • Objects should be constructed in the order they were placed if resources to build object are available
  • Fixed issue with container interactions generating log errors which caused performance issues in some cases
  • Fixed issue with modified attribute values being stored in save game which lead to loading incorrect attribute values.
  • Minor performance improvement to loading
  • Minor performance improvement when spawning visual effects


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