Developer Log #77

Howdy Folks!

A huge thanks for all the great feedback, bug reports and support. As a solo developer it’s always a challenge to balance everything that needs to be done to create and finish a game. Mercury Fallen has been an amazing adventure and I’m super excited to be looking towards the final version of the game. There are just two more major content updates until the final release.

My goal, after 1.0, is to continue to support Mercury Fallen while I shift gears to work on a new project.

Open Market Update

The open market update will introduce the trade platform. This will allow passing space ships to drop by and trade various items, discoveries and more. Tech Fragments and Bio Samples will be used as the means of currency during trades.

Additional POI locations on the surface are being added that will contain a new set of data logs. These data logs will provide additional background and lore regarding the planet and its previous inhabitants.

The Open Market update is coming along nicely and should be entering the experimental branch within the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out if you want to help test the latest and greatest content.

Return To Sender Update

This update will add the final set of missions, research and progression for the primary campaign. Even after completing the campaign you will be able to continue playing.

Both the this update and the previous update will include additional smaller tweaks, fixes and polishing.

While the Return To Sender update will bring Mercury Fallen to version 1.0, there will still be further patches and updates to the game.

Bug Reporting

Thank you to the people who have submitted bug reports. Just a quick reminder that if I don’t know about the problem, I can’t fix the problem. If you spot an issue or a bug please be sure to contact me about it as I may not know it exists. Be sure to check out the bug reporting page and contact me via or via the discord server.

Survey Time

If you have a moment and want to give me some feedback then be sure to check out the latest survey!

Move It Update Feedback Survey

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