Bug Reports

While I certainly do my best to ensure a fun and bug free experience, there are always some bugs that slip through the net.

Issues and bug reports can be reported in the Steam Bug Reports discussion forum or you can send a report directly to info@mercuryfallen.com.

When emailing a bug report please include as much of the below information as possible.

Descriptive Subject

Summarize your issue in the subject line of your email or forum post. This will help myself, and others interested in the forum, to see what the post is about.

Describe the Issue/Bug

Please provide all relevant details about the bug/issue that you are experiencing. If possible, include details on how to reproduce the issue so that I can see it in action. If I’m unable to reproduce the issue I may not be able to fix it as I can only fix what I can see.

System Information

Please include system information when sending a bug/issue report.

How To Get Your System Info

  • Open the Steam Client
  • Click System Information under the Help menu at the very top

Log File

Every time you run Mercury Fallen a log file is generated that includes various information about how the game ran. This log file can be very useful for tracking down issues/bugs. It doesn’t tell me everything, but may help narrow down certain issues, especially if the game hangs up or crashes. Make sure to include a detailed description of the issue, as described above. Follow the below instruction to find the player log file.

Make sure to send the log after you experience the issue and have closed the game. The log file resets every time the game is opened.

Log File Location

Windows: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Nitrous Butterfly\Mercury Fallen\Player.log

Mac: ~/Library/Logs/Company Name/Product Name/Player.log

The log file should be included, if applicable, when emailing a bug report.

Save Game

When to send a save game:

  • Save game won’t load
  • Issue appears immediately after save game has been loaded

Save Game Location:

Windows: <Computer>/Documents/Mercury Fallen/Saves

Mac: /Users/<username>/Mercury Fallen/Saves

Save game file names are the same as they appear in the load game list inside the game.