Update 26.2

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Update 26.2 is a small update to address some reported issues.

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Release Notes

  • Minor performance improvement related to how colonist portrait images are rendered
  • Change to how mouse clicks are registered. This fixes an issue with not being able to pan the camera with the mouse during expedition destination selection
  • Fixed: Resource Transport vehicle attempting to collect from mining platforms that aren’t finished being constructed
  • Fixed: Mining Platform showing wrong animation state when placed
  • Fixed: Russian font characters not showing correctly
  • Fixed: Mysterious floating colonist appearing at the edge of the facility area in some instances

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone is staying safe out and in there. In the last developer log I went over the new zone/room system that is in development. After some initial feedback and reviewing of the new system I’ve determined that it needs a bit more time in the oven.

That means there won’t be an Experimental branch update available this week. There is, however, a patch update available right now for everyone!

Update 26.1

Update 26.1 is a minor patch update to address some various bugs and add a few tweaks and changes. See the release notes below for all the changes and additions.

Feedback Survey

It’s survey time again. If you have a couple of minutes, please let me know you thoughts about the game.

Update 26 Feedback Survey

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Release Notes

Changes & Additions

  • Can now hold right mouse button and drag to pan camera in facility view
  • Planet map now uses right mouse button instead of left mouse button for panning camera
  • Wasp discovery POI now restricted to the same continent as the facility (only affects new game)
  • Craft stations now show pop icon over machine to show what item was just crafted
  • Water traps now show pop icon when item is caught
  • Minor change to water trap graphic so that it’s positioned more clearly over water tiles
  • Updated a number of research and job role descriptions
  • Colonists should now prioritize aquarium actions over water traps
  • Selected expedition on the planet map now shows additional information on what the expedition is waiting for in order to be ready.
  • Can now cancel an expedition from its info panel if the expedition doesn’t have all items and passengers.
  • Added font support for Chinese characters
  • Added font support for Japanese characters


  • Fixed: Equipment items not being removed correctly in some instances.
  • Fixed: Vehicle in vehicle list not showing as being docked after being docked
  • Fixed: Colonist take/repair damage visual effects showing in reverse
  • Fixed: Colonists not receiving damage in some instances
  • Fixed: Colonists not receiving negative effect from critically failing at research
  • Fixed: Colonists not receiving effects from consuming food in some instances.
  • Fixed: Robot Assembler not showing correct animation state (again… some more)
  • Fixed: Confirmation windows causing internal error in some instances
  • Fixed: Object info windows not closing when selected object is destroyed
  • Fixed: Planet resource deposit still showing hover icon after deposit is depleted

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. It’s a crazy world out there so don’t forget to relax and just breathe.

There are some exciting new features that I’m working on that I wanted to talk about. The previous update focused heavily on changes to the planet surface. While more content/tweaks will be done on the surface, I wanted to return focus to the underground facility and the colonists.

Room Zones

A purpose for rooms is a topic I’ve talked about before and has been on the to-do list for a while. After considering how to handle such a thing, I’ve decided to create a new zone system. A zone section will be added to the main button bar and will allow you to create room zones.

A room zone, once created, will need to be enclosed by walls and have at least one door to be considered valid. The type of room is determined by the dominant flooring. A room zone has mostly bedroom tiles? Then it’s a bedroom zone.

Room zones have four primary attributes: Size, Decor, Light Level and Efficiency. Size is determined by the total amount of tiles in the zone. Decor and Light Level are increased by placing decorations and lighting. Efficiency is the average of the decor and light level attributes.

Efficiency will affect machines/objects in a room zone. As an example, crafting stations now use efficiency to determine craft speed. A lower efficiency means it will take longer to craft items. Base crafting speeds have been adjusted to provide room benefits.

Some new colonist attribute effects are being developed as well which will be affected by rooms.

Additional zone types are in development, but more on that next time. I’m hoping to have an update to the Experimental branch next week so that you can try it out and let me know what you think.

What are your thoughts on the room zones?

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