Open Market Update Now On Experimental

Howdy Folks!

Hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been hammering away at the next content update and I’m super excited to announce it’s now available on the experimental branch. This update adds a new surface structure which allows you to buy and sell items to passing alien ships. The update isn’t feature complete yet, but if you want to help test the latest features, then be sure to check out the experimental branch!

Check out the experimental branch if you would like to help provide feedback and bug reports on the latest content.

Open Market Experimental Info & Patch Notes | What is the Experimental Branch and how do I access it?

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Open Market Update

Trade Platform Structure On Planet Surface

I had hoped to have the Open Market update available on the experimental branch by now. The development has taken a little longer than expected, but I do hope to make it available for testing on the experimental branch soon. When it does hit the experimental branch it will not be feature complete, but I’m excited to get feedback and reports as it continues to develop.


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