Patch 1.17

Howdy Folks!

Patch 1.17 is a small patch to address some reported issues. Keep all that feedback coming! It’s great to hear what you like and what you don’t.


I’ve been working to get a wiki up and running for some time, but I’m often extended in different directions. @darkfoxprime has been a major resource in filling in a majority of the wiki pages and, while it’s not totally complete, it’s ready enough for people to take a look.

Mercury Fallen Wiki

I’ll be working to update more of the wiki moving forward. If you have any experiencing managing wikis and want to help then certainly reach out to me.

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Release Notes


  • Fish food recipe now accepts fish chunks as in ingredient


  • Mercury Facility default name now defined by in lang.xml
  • Crop items now use proper tags for fruit/grain/vegetable


  • Fixed: Incorrect description for whale miner vehicle
  • Fixed: Unable to move any objects after attempting to move the aquarium with fish stocked
  • Fixed: Xeno Alloy recipe requires 5 Titanium Billet or 5 Rutile Ore. This should be 1 Titanium Billet or 5 Rutile Ore.
  • Fixed: Colonists eating unallowed foods if that food is in the same container as an allowed food.

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