Patch Update 1.18

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for all the great feedback and support! Patch Update 1.18 addresses a few reported issues. Be sure to check out the release notes below for a list of fixes.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have been working on a new video game project. I’ve made a good bit of progress, but have been slowed down somewhat due to switching from Unity to the Unreal game engine. Stay tuned for more info regarding that project, as well as Mercury Fallen patches, and if you want to help support future projects be sure to become a patron.

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Release Notes

  • Fixed: Threading issue related to colonists collecting items on the floor. This could lead to various unexpected behaviors.
  • Fixed: Job action data not clearing correctly when changing job roles.
  • Fixed: Colonist action data not correctly cleaned up after certain actions are performed. This can cause performance issues over extended play times.
  • Fixed: Internal error can occur if clicking through story choices too quickly.
  • Fixed: Wall lights not contributing to room lighting value in some cases.

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