Experimental Branch Coming

Howdy Folks!

Changes are coming to the content release process. The Test Build branch will continue, but a new Experimental branch will be added.

About The Test Build Branch

Before a major content update is pushed out on the main branch for everyone, it is released on the Test Build branch for final testing. The Test Build branch generally includes the majority of content that will be included in the final update. This content has been relatively finalized and internally tested, but is at a stage suitable for public testing to work out any major issues.

Experimental Branch

I will be setting up an experimental branch similar to other early access games . This branch, when available, will contain an upcoming content/patch release that is in an earlier stage of development. The experimental branch will be updated as content is added to the game. This version is intended for players that want to be part of the development process and want to provide feedback as content is added/changed during development.

A content update in development will be released to the experimental branch for feedback/testing as it continues to develop. Once the majority of content is ready, it will shift over to the Test Build branch for final testing. Once the update is considered stable it will be released to the main branch for everyone.

The experimental branch will generally have far more bugs, glitches and issues than the Test Build branch. Artwork and content may not be final. The experimental branch will continue to be updated as well to match the Test Build version.

Development Process

  1. Internal Development (No public content available at this stage)
  2. Experimental Branch (Public early testing/feedback stage)
  3. Test Build Branch (Public testing of final content)
  4. Update Release To Everyone

These changes are currently scheduled to be implemented next week including an experimental version release. More information and a new Steam Forum section will be available at that time.

Additionally I hope everyone is staying safe out/in there during what is certainly a crazy time to be alive. Wishing everyone well.

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