Update 29 Now On Experimental Branch

Howdy Folks!

Update 29 :: Copy & Paste is now available on the Experimental Branch! As mentioned before, I got a bit side tracked. New starting game options and colonist training has been pushed back a bit in favor of various quality of life additions and tweaks. You can now check out this new content on the Experimental Branch.

See the update 29 info link below for patch notes. Let me know what you think of the new content and certainly let me know what isn’t working.

Update 29 Experimental InfoWhat is the Experimental Branch and how do I access it?

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Key Features

Copy & Paste

The copy and paste feature allows you to quickly and easily copy settings from one object and paste them on another. Copy and paste works on lights, crops, craft queues, rosters, plant pots and storage containers.

Selection Visuals

Selection visuals have been updated for deconstruction, harvest, mining and deep mining.

Visuals for colonist and object selection have also been updated.

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Howdy Folks!

I had originally planned for Update 29 to focus on additional options when starting a new game as well as training equipment for colonists. While this content is still in development I got a bit side tracked with various other tweaks, changes and fixes. Let’s take a look at what I’ve been doing.

Copy & Paste

A new copy paste feature is being added that will allow you to copy settings from one object to another. This includes the ability to copy storage container filters, crop settings and lighting.

Mouse Selection

I’ve dug into the mouse drag selection code to make selection more consistent and improve performance. Visuals related to object selection has been updated including area highlighting during mouse drag, selection visuals and more.

When selecting objects for deconstruction, mining or harvesting the selection graphics are now colored separately to make it more obvious which mode you are in.

Stasis capsules can no longer be selected for deconstruction if their is an occupant.

Colonist & Vehicle Selection

Colonists and vehicles now have a new selection circle. This should improve the user experience, especially on the planet map where vehicles can be hard to spot even when selected.

Additional Changes

A big complaint has been the inability to move the camera using the mouse without it snapping back to a selected colonist or vehicle. This was an oversight on my part as this already worked correctly when using the keyboard to move the camera. This has now been fixed.

Many other minor changes and improvements have been added or are being worked on. I plan to release this update next week on the experimental branch.

Thanks for all the support, feedback and bug reports. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

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Howdy Folks!

I had originally planned to work on the next content update which, as mentioned in a developer log, was to focus on colonist training equipment and new starting options. While these things are still in development, I wanted to take some time and focus on some other tweaks, changes and fixes.


While there have been shortcuts for some of the HUD options I wanted to re-work it a bit and make the shortcut keys visible on the buttons themselves. I’ve also added new shortcut keys for the management sections and the construction queue. All of these new shortcuts can be remapped in the keybind settings.

Tweaks & Fixes

Many of the UI text elements were still using an older method of displaying text. I’ve gone through and updated much of the existing text elements to use a newer text mesh system which results in crisper looking text.

A minor quality of life change is that when setting a placed object to high priority for construction, any of the flooring underneath it that hasn’t been constructed yet will also be set to high priority.

I’ve also worked to fix up some inconsistencies with how closing windows works when pressing the escape key. One annoyance, that was fixed, was that the harvest/deconstruct filter windows didn’t always close when pressing escape.

Thanks all the great feedback and support.

Be sure to check all of the changes in the release notes below.

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Release Notes


  • Added Reset Keybinds button to keybinds setting menu. This will reset keybinds back to default values.
  • Added shortcut keys for management windows.
  • Added shortcut key for construction queue.
  • Build category buttons now have individual shortcut keys.
  • Changed default keybind for harvest/deconstruct modes to ‘G’ and ‘H’ respectively.
  • Debug menu shortcut changed to F7.
  • HUD buttons now display a shortcut key if applicable.


  • When setting an object’s build priority to high priority, any placed flooring needed for its construction will also have its priority increased.
  • Updated look of close/apply button in settings menu.
  • Updated auto collect vehicle action description tooltip. It should now be more clear that vehicles will prioritize targets they are assigned to.
  • Updated look of info panel on main menu.
  • Info panel on the main menu now has a patch notes button. This will display the patch notes for the current version.
  • Updated various UI text elements to text mesh pro for crisper text.
  • Solid Fuel Generator and EMG now have rosters.


  • Fixed: Deconstruct/harvest filter buttons not closing when pressing escape.
  • Fixed: Pinned items in global inventory not showing the correct button state for pinned items after loading a save game.
  • Fixed: Power meter on HUD not displaying properly.
  • Fixed: Save/Load window from game menu not closing properly if pressing escape.
  • Fixed: Various grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Fixed: Missing headers in debug menu.
  • Fixed: Performance issue when transport vehicle is set to auto collect, but there is nothing to collect.
  • Fixed: Room info panel shows disable and deconstruct buttons.

Howdy Folks!

Thanks for all the great feedback and bug reports. Patch update 28.2 has a few fixes and adds a new quality of life feature.

Global Inventory

In the global inventory list you can now pin items and or categories. Pinned items/categories will appear at the bottom of the screen for a quick quantity reference. Up to four items and or categories can be pinned, but can be changed at any time.

Keep those suggestions and bug reports coming. See the release notes below for all of the changes and fixes.

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Release Notes

  • Up to four items and/or categories in the global inventory list can now be pinned. Pinned items/categories will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Global Inventory list quantities now use shortened values. Ex: 1200 = 1.2k
  • Minor change to the look of thermal vents
  • Fixed: Colonist trapped in phantom expedition in some instances after loading a save game
  • Fixed: Craft Queue not functioning properly due to missing recipe in some instances
  • Fixed: Objects that can’t be disabled saving in a disabled state in some instances. This resolves issues with janitors not cleaning valid targets.

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