Developer Log #46 :: Critical Failure

Thank you all for the amazing support. I mentioned in my previous developer log that my father was in the hospital after having a heart attack. He is now post heart surgery and recovery is going well.

This has understandably slowed down development a bit, but I’m still working on some new features as well.

Job Role Success Chance

I’m currently adding an action success chance to job roles. This will add more challenge and variety as each job role, and it’s relevant actions, will have a chance to succeed or fail. Success chance is based on the jobs level as well as colonist attributes. A colonist with a low success chance for a job will be slower at that job as they will fail more. Each time a colonist fails there is also a small chance for them to critically fail.

Critical failure will result in various bad things happening depending on the action. For example, if a colonist critically fails at construction then the object being constructed is destroyed, losing the materials put into it in the process.

New positive and negative icons will appear above the colonist as they perform actions. This helps to show their work speed as well as how often they succeed or fail.

Colonist success chance will also be affected by stress. Higher stress will decrease their over all success chance.

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