Developer Log #71

Howdy Folks!

We’ve made it through a whole month in a whole new year. Well done! I wanted to talk a bit about some of the new content I’m working on as well as why development will be slowed down for the rest of this month.

Mission System

I had originally planned to implement the mission system in the last update, but combined with the rest of the content it just wasn’t feasible.

The mission system will be replacing and expanding upon the getting started objectives. When I first started working on the mission system I had planned on adding a lot more tutorial based objectives. I scrapped that idea as it felt like the game was holding your hand and overly directing how the player would progress through the content. Tutorial mission objectives will go over the same content as the current getting started guide.

The goal of the mission system is to provide some over all objectives/direction for the player. Aside from the starting tutorial, these objectives will provide story progression. The story progression will add new POI locations and unlock new content for mid to late game play. The next content update will focus on the first chapter of story content.

Missions will be trackable in addition to being visible in the mission section of the facility management interface.

POI Management

A new POI section is being added in the planet map expeditions tab. This will list all discovered POI locations sorted by distance from the facility. Clicking the respective icon will move the camera to that POI location. This will make it easier to see what POIs are available as well as make it easier when planning expedition destinations.

Personal Note

On a more personal note I wanted to mention that I’m moving this month. My girlfriend and I have been planning to move in together over the last year. We’ve found a place and will be moving in a couple of weeks.

As a solo developer my office is also where I live. This is the first time I’ve moved in over 20 years so stress and excitement are high. I’m super excited about the move, but there will be some development slow downs while I pack, move, unpack, move furniture, get setup and all that jazz. 🙂

So stay safe out there and be sure to follow for more news regarding Mercury Fallen.

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