Happy Holidays

Howdy Folks!

The Holiday season has descended upon us. For some the season can bring much joy and for others it can bring such sorrow, but I do hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, that you have a happy and healthy seasonal experience.

Winter Sale

With the winter season upon us, at least in the northern hemisphere, with it comes the Winter Sale. Mercury Fallen is now 25% off on Steam and itch.io. It’s a great time to grab a copy, or give the gift of colony management to a friend.

Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone who has played Mercury Fallen. Your feedback means a great deal to me. As a solo developer it’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the game. It’s also very helpful to know what you don’t like and what isn’t working. There is a lot in store for Mercury Fallen. Thank you!

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Howdy Folks,

In the previous dev log I went over the various features currently in development and what is planned for future updates. Below are some the things to expect in the next update.


Harvest-able underground plants are being added to offer more early game food variation. Currently these are existing plants that will be obtainable underground instead of only surface side, but I am looking into adding some new harvest-able products as well.

A new harvest mechanic is being added that works in a similar way to mining and deconstruction. Select naturally occurring plants to be harvested by the botanist.

World Generation

The addition of naturally occurring underground plants means changes to world generation, but there are some larger changes than just that. I’ve completely reworked world generation to offer new starting conditions and map variation.

I have three core goals for world generation changes.

Firstly I wanted to update world generation to make the maps a bit more visually interesting and better reflect the aged facility that the player starts in. This includes adding more structure such as rooms connected by hallways, doors and an improved look to aged walls and other parts.

Secondly there will be far less available resources than in the currently generated maps. This is not meant to drastically increase early game difficulty, but to better balance available materials and off more interesting game progression.

Finally, early game progression is being reworked. Something I generally enjoy in this genre of game, is starting with little to nothing and building up from there. In that vein I’ve taken out the starting elevator, power and bio-refiner. Initial structure resin will come from deconstructing the aged facility. Early game power generation is still being worked on, but I have a few ideas in mind that I’m currently testing out.

These changes will first come to the test build branch. Additional changes/tweaks will occur based on feedback.

Updated Colonists

Something that has been on the to-do list for a while now is updating the look of colonists. This is something I’ve tinkered with on and off, but didn’t like the progression or direction it was taking, until now.

New artwork for the male and female colonists is coming. The base models and outfits are just about done. The characters are being finalized and animations are in progress.

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Thank you to everyone playing Mercury Fallen and for the amazing feedback.

Howdy Folks,

Progress goes well on the next content update, but in the mean time here is another tiny patch update. Patch Update 22.6 addresses a couple of reported issues.

A huge thank you to those playing Mercury Fallen and for the great feedback.

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Release Notes

  • Fixed: Save game not loading if game was saved with an active on foot expedition
  • Fixed: Conduits not aligned to mouse when being placed

Howdy Folks!

Patch time again. Patch update 22.5 addresses a few reported issues. Check the release notes below for what’s fixed and what’s changed. Thank you all for playing Mercury Fallen and the amazing feedback.

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Release Notes

  • Changed the look of the decor overlay for more clarity
  • Minor change to the look of selection highlight graphics for mining/deconstruction
  • Wall Debris renamed to Damaged Wall
  • Fixed: Planet map build menu won’t open if closed by pressing escape.
  • Fixed: Surface map tiles stop displaying hover info in some instances
  • Fixed: Missing icon and tooltip for remove craft queue item button
  • Fixed: Missing icon and tooltip for cancel expedition button
  • Fixed: Vehicles not recharging their power in some instances

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