Developer Log #45

Update 19 brought Steam Workshop support for translations and mods. There are some great mods already available. While I do plan to add further support for modding, I’m currently working on some new content and features.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are being updated to support custom colors as well as visual capacity meters. This affects the storage container, food dispenser and the fridge.


Pseudo-random and conditional events are in development. While there will be some random events, the events will mostly be tied to conditional factors and colonist story events.

Conditional factors such as hungry colonists, low fuel, high stress, etc may trigger events to occur that will affect colonists and/or the environment in positive or negative ways.

Colonist story events are random events that will allow you to make a direct choice in what happens. A colonist may make a specific request, find something or have an idea on how to improve something. How you decide to handle these events will allow for further positive or negative effects.


The tutorial system was designed as a general getting started guide. My plan is to expand the tutorial system into a more robust objectives/mission system. This new system will still offer initial objectives to help new players get started, but will have further objectives as you progress in the game.

The goal is to offer both optional/minor objectives as well as story objectives.

Expedition Stories

The larger project in development, and planned since the beginning, is the creation of expedition stories. New points of interest (POI) on the planet map will be explore-able with colonists. Exploring a POI will offer additional player choices. The result will depend on the colonists that are brought and the choices you make. POI locations will be a new way of gaining additional discoveries, rare items, resources and more.

On A Personal Note

I generally do my best to keep my business and personal existence separate, but development has been slowed down a bit recently do to a personal event.

My father is currently in the hospital after having multiple  heart attacks. Further medical complications have also arisen and now it’s just a waiting game to see how he improves

Given there isn’t much I can do at this point, working on Mercury Fallen helps keep me distracted and, mostly, lowers my stress.

Development continues and I look forward to your thoughts on some of these new features.

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