Developer Log #20 :: MedBay

With the addition of new Quirks and colonist stats it made sense to progress a bit further in that direction. Since the beginning I’ve had a job role in place for Doctor and it’s now time to get that Doctor to work.


Ailments are new attribute modifiers, similar to how Quirks function, that can be treated by a doctor. Some Ailments may only last a certain amount of time and will go away on their own, such as the common cold. A doctor is required to treat patients and remove ailments as well as restore health. All ailments have a negative impact on your colonist in some way, so getting them treated is a good idea even if that ailment expires eventually.



Any good doctor needs a place to work and the new MedBay is the place to be. The Medi-Bed is required for the doctor to treat patients in the new MedBay. A colonist will go for treatment if their health is low or if they have an ailment that can be treated. Ailments have different treatment times so the total time for a doctor to treat a patient depends on how many, and what kind, of ailments the patient has.

Mercury Fallen MedBay


There are various additional updates and fixes coming in the next update. Stay tuned and thanks for the support!




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