Developer Log #37 :: Progress Report

Hope everyone is doing great. I had a vacation a couple weeks ago and hit the ground running upon my return. There has been a lot progress made on the upcoming content update. I’m currently in the final private testing phase and finishing up minor tweaks and features before it hits the Test Build branch […]

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Developer Log #36 :: Biome Exploration

A lot of work has gone into the planetary exploration update and I wanted to cover some of the expected new content. Vehicles Since the last developer log, vehicle construction has undergone some design changes. Vehicle construction now uses predefined vehicle types instead of a modular vehicle template system. This felt like a better fit […]

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Alpha 0.14.5 Now Live!

Alpha 0.14.5 patch update is now live on Steam! This is a smaller update to fix and improve various elements of Mercury Fallen while development continues on the planetary exploration content update. New Game Interface The updated new game interface offers new map sizes. Map sizes are now 80×80 (Small), 100×100 (Normal) and 150×150 (Large). […]

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Alpha 0.14.5 Test Build Now Available

Alpha 0.14.5 is now available on the Test Build branch. This is a “small” update/patch while work continues on the planetary exploration update. The planetary exploration update is coming along very well, but more development time is still needed. Some of the new changes in Alpha 0.14.5 include new mining/deconstruction selection graphics, updated map sizes, […]

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Developer Log #35 :: Constructing Vehicles

As many of you know, my current focus is to build the foundations for planetary exploration. In the last two developer logs, I covered how the planet surface is generated and a bit about vehicles and resource discovery. There has been a lot more progress on vehicle construction which I will cover here. Vehicles Surface […]

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Developer Log #34 :: Planet Resources

Hope everyone is having a great time at or watching E3! Some great stuff is being announced. In Mercury Fallen news, I’ve been working hard on the implementation of planetary exploration and resource gathering.   Planetary Resources In the previous developer log, I covered the procedural generation that creates the planet’s surface. The surface map […]

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Alpha 0.14.4 Now Live!

Alpha 0.14.4 is now live on Steam! This update is another small patch/content update while development continues on the planetary exploration/expansion update.   Guide Update New help buttons have been added to various section headers which open the game guide to the relevant guide section. Some of the guide content has been updated and a […]

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Alpha 0.14.4 Test Build Now Available

Alpha 0.14.4 is now available on the Test Build branch. This update was originally just going to be a minor patch update to fix a couple of bugs, but I couldn’t help myself and added in some minor content updates as well. There are new/updated game guide sections, new look to water tiles and new […]

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Alpha 0.14.3 Now Live!

Alpha 0.14.3 is out of the test build branch and now live on Steam. This is a small update while I continue development of the next big content update. The craft queue and robot assembler interfaces will now show available ingredients highlighted in green and unavailable ingredients highlighted in red.   As objects get constructed […]

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Alpha 0.14.3 Test Build Now Available

As mentioned in the last dev log I’m focusing work on the planetary exploration/expansion system. In the mean time I’ll be pushing out some smaller updates/patches. These smaller updates will add, improve and fix various things while I continue work on the next major content update. Alpha 0.14.3 is now available on the Test Build […]

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