Update 36.7

Howdy Folks!

I hope everyone is doing well out wherever you may be. I’ve been busy working on another small-ish update to address a few reported issues and improve upon some existing content.


Transported vehicles have been updated to visually show their current inventory. The number of cargo containers on the vehicle now reflects how full, or empty, the vehicle inventory currently is. An animated icon will now appear above a transport vehicle when it drops off and picks up items.

Mining Platforms

I’ve fixed up some issues related to mining platforms not always showing the correct animation state. This resulted in mining platforms sometimes appearing to be mining when they were not. An animated icon of the mined resource will now appear above the mining platform as it mines the resource.

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Release Notes


  • The visual number of containers on transport vehicles is now based on carried inventory amount.
  • Transport vehicles now show animated icon of the resource being added or removed from the vehicle when dropping off and picking up items
  • Minor reduction to spread time and spread chance of crop disease.
  • Vehicle action buttons are now correctly disabled other than the vehicle’s current action
  • Mining platform now shows animated icon for each item mined and added to its inventory


  • Fixed: Colonists stuck attempting to “Feed Fish” if the botanist job and biologist job are both assigned and there are plant crops that need fertilizer. (Yes, you read that correctly)
  • Fixed: Spinner values defaulting to zero when manually changing the number values in some instances
  • Fixed: Crop manager and Mining Manager show they require 0w power even though they should consume 50w
  • Fixed: Vehicle mine tile action instructions don’t close when clicking the mine tile button again to cancel the action
  • Fixed: Error generated by the surface power connector if the connector is selected when it finishes construction
  • Fixed: Inventory capacity meter resets to zero and then animates to new value every time the inventory count changes. Now smoothly animates to the new value as expected.
  • Fixed: The mining platform visually appears to be mining when it actually is not in some instances.


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