I’ve been working on a lot of various things for the game and making some great progress with a lot of the core elements. Recently I start implementing the profession system.   Professions Each colonist can have a designated profession. This controls what actions they can perform other than their core needs such as eating and […]

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Developer Log #2

Colonist Needs So far I’ve planned out colonists having needs for sleep, hunger as well managing health and mood. Last week I started out by writing a generic needs system which, I thought, would be able to handle the needs of the colonist. The idea wasn’t a bad one, but the system was far too generic […]

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Developer Log #1

As I always say I need to get better at writing these things. It always helps when I hear from one of you about the project as it helps me to know there is someone actually wanting to listen to one of my rambles. This week I’ve managed to make a lot of progress. There is a […]

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Running In Circles

I spend entirely too much time trying to fix stuff that isn’t quite broken. The path finding system did need some tweaks, but I keep reworking a lot of the core code instead of focusing on the features needed to do what it needs to do. This is a common problem given that I keep feeling a can do […]

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World Generation

Mercury Fallen takes place underground and I felt it rather important that the maps are proceduraly  generated for various reasons. I’ve spent a bunch of time looking over articles and techniques to get my brain in gear on the process. I’ve messed a bit with map generation in earlier projects, but I always enjoy doing some […]

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Mercury Fallen Begins

I’ve been working on Mercury Fallen for a little over a month now. I wanted to get a website up and running before this, but was a little strapped for cash to purchase the domain. That, of course, has now been accomplished and I’m ready to start blabbing about the development process. I have a tendency to focus […]

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