I’ve been working on a lot of various things for the game and making some great progress with a lot of the core elements. Recently I start implementing the profession system.




Each colonist can have a designated profession. This controls what actions they can perform other than their core needs such as eating and sleeping.


A colonist will have a starting level in each profession and as they perform work related to a profession they will gain experience. Each level of a profession will improve work speed as well as certain profession specific attributes.






Right now the engineer just builds and deconstructs objects assigned by the player. I’m still debating on whether to have a durability to some objects that can be restored/repaired by the engineer.



This one is fairly obvious, but the miner will mine out dirt/stone/ore designated by the player.



The cook handles taking raw food from the fridge and cooking it at the cooking station. They will then take crafted meals to the eating table so that colonists, ideally, won’t starve to death.



The botanist handles the planting and harvesting of crops to produce raw food as well as materials that can be refined.



The main role of the scientist, right now, is to handle research projects. Research projects will unlock additional rooms, object and upgrades.



The doctor ensures the health of the colonists. The doctor will also handle cloning and corpse “removal”.


Comm Officer

While the core of the game is under ground, I plan to have the planet surface explore-able by using the the communications room to manage expeditions to points of interest on the planetary map. The comm officer will be responsible for scanning the planet surface for new points of interest.


As the game is still in early development there may be changes or additions to the professions as they stand right now. What are your thoughts on the professions?


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