Update 36.3

Howdy Folks!

Update 36.3 is another smaller update, but includes some great quality of life additions and a few fixes. A huge thanks for all the great feedback. If you’re enjoying Mercury Fallen certainly leave a review as it helps with the Steam algorithm. Also be sure to spread the word about Mercury Fallen.

Controlled Edibles

Set allowed edibles section in colonist info panel

You can now control what a colonist will and will not eat, but setting their allowed edibles in the settings tab of their info panel. Allowed edibles can be copied and pasted to better control your colony food intake.

Wind Turbine Hover Info

Hover info showing wind turbine efficiency and elevation during placement

The wind turbine generates more or less power depending on elevation. This efficiency information is now displayed while placing the wind turbine so that you can ensure you place it in a good spot.

Job Role Assignments Overview

Job role assignments list showing how many colonists are assigned to each job based on priority

A new section on the colonist management screen has been added which gives a quick breakdown of how many colonists are assigned to each job role and at what priority.

Check out the release notes below for the full list of changes, fixes and additions. There are more smaller updates coming. Let me know what you like, what you don’t and what you would want to see in Mercury Fallen.

Thanks everyone and stay safe out there!

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Release Notes


  • Can now control what a colonist is allowed to eat using a new section under colonist info settings tab
  • Changed equipment tab name in colonist info to settings
  • Updated the look of the inventory UI section for better consistency
  • Updated how allowed fuel is assigned for the solid fuel generator for better consistency with other controls
  • Added wind turbine hover info during placement that shows efficiency/elevation information
  • Added Job Role Assignment section to colonist management screen. This is a cleaner breakdown of what jobs are assigned based on priority.


  • Fixed: Dimension info showing when using copy/paste
  • Fixed: Mold, water, fuel and vomit visuals not showing correctly
  • Fixed: Game freeze after clicking ok button on the save game can’t load error window
  • Fixed: Needless trailing zeroes in wind turbine efficiency info text
  • Fixed: Several seconds of lag when opening construction queue window with a lot of items queued up for construction
  • Fixed: Food counts not initialized properly when loading a save game. This would sometimes result in the “Low On Food” notice even though you were not low on food.


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