Developer Log #24 :: Test Builds

Mercury Fallen is now available on Steam and the response has been awesome. A huge thank you to everyone who has played Mercury Fallen and for the great feedback. I am deeply humbled by the amount of positivity the Steam community has shown me. I am very happy to see gamers enjoying Mercury Fallen and there is a lot more to come. I have been actively working on the next update which will include fun new content as well as several fixes to bugs that have been reported.

Test Builds

One of the benefits of Steam is the Beta Opt-In support which allows developers to have separate optional testing/preview branches of the game. These optional game branches are a great way for the community to get involved with testing the latest and greatest content. It also serves to reduce the amount of potential bugs/issues in versions that go public to everyone.

Before major updates of the game come out they will first be available in the optional testing branch on Steam so that users have the opportunity to help test the latest content before it goes live to to the main branch. If you’re interested in testing out the latest content and want to help track down bugs click here for more information.

Alpha version 0.10 is now available in the optional test build branch. For more information on what is in the new version click here.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped support Mercury Fallen so far. This is only the start and I look forward to working together to make Mercury Fallen the best it can be.

Mercury Fallen was first released on Itch.IO on April 7, 2017 as a prototype demo. Shortly after that a full early access release hit Itch.IO and the response has been amazing. On October 16, 2017 Mercury Fallen will be available for purchase on Steam and I’m super excited to continue to develop the game and grow the community. The Steam release is only the beginning. There is a lot more to come for Mercury Fallen and I’m very grateful to those that have supported the project so far.

This week I’ve been fighting off a cold which has slowed progress on the next update, but I wanted to go over some of the things I’ve been working on.



The plan has always been for decorative objects have a larger impact on game play and with the new decor system that is finally starting to happen. Various structure objects in the game will provide positive or negative decor to the surrounding tiles. As colonists walk around the positive/negative decor value will have a direct effect on their stress level. The uglier the environment the more stress a colonist will receive. Positive decor items, such as decorations, will help to reduce stress.

The biggest challenge I found when trying to implement this system was how best to visualize the decor of the environment. The end result was to create a color overlay which shows positive decor areas in green and negative decor areas in red. Areas that are white have no impact. I’ve added some new buttons to the bottom button bar to toggle different display modes for power, water and decor views.

Decor Overlay

Colonists will stop working entirely if their stress level is completely maxed out, which means managing decor and stress becomes more critical. In addition to decor I plan to add additional interactive stress reducing objects.

New and better crops

In addition to the new decor system I’ve improved the look of hemp and have started work on additional crops. The new glow bulb crop is currently planned to be used as an ingredient for cloth as well as a new meal recipe.

Updated Crops


Those are just some of the things being worked on for the next update. What are your thoughts on the new features?

I am very excited to announce that Mercury Fallen is now on Steam and will be available for purchase October 16, 2017. Be sure to add it to your wishlist and get notified when it’s available for purchase.

Anyone who has purchased the game on Itch.IO will have access to a free Steam Key so they can add the game to their Steam Library. More information on how to redeem Steam Keys will be available for Itch.IO customers soon.


Howdy folks! This is just a quick patch update to fix up a couple of things and further increase performance and stability. It really helps me out to get feedback about the game so keep that bug reporting and feedback coming.

The development focus, for the moment, is getting the game ready for the big Steam release. The game is currently in the review process over on Steam and I’ll have an official release date very soon!


This update took a bit longer than previous updates, but getting the new power/water generation working as intended was a bigger undertaking then I expected it to be. While existing save games are supported, some features work best on a fresh new game. There are a lot of great new features, changes and tweaks so without rambling let’s take a look.


A quick overview of some of the features coming soon in Alpha 0.09!

It’s always been the plan to add additional depth to how power is generated and managed. In the upcoming version of the game the power system is receiving a complete overhaul as well as various other features.


I’m very excited to release alpha 0.08 which has some great new features and decorations. Alpha 0.08 available now on Itch.IO.


There are quite a lot of things I still have planned for Mercury Fallen. Some of these elements are being worked on a little at a time in the back ground while I continue to add other features and content to the game. One of these background projects is the expedition system.



This is definitely one of the larger updates so far for Mercury Fallen and I’m very excited to announce that Alpha 0.07 is now available on Itch.IO. Lots of great new features, changes and fixes.


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