Mercury Fallen is a survival strategy with city builder influences. Much of the inspiration for the game comes from great titles like Dungeon Keeper II and Banished. The core focus of the game is to help your colonists survive on a new planet by building and maintaining a functional underground facility.

The game is very much still in development so more information will be forthcoming as things progress. In the mean time check out the developer blog for more details.


Planned/Possible Features

Who wants to do manual labor? Use robots for the menial tasks such as mining and hauling.

Research Tech Tree
Using your colonists you’ll be able to research new rooms, machines, upgrades and more that will help improve your colony.

Alien Technologies
Alien artifacts can be found while digging out the underground that can be researched for special alien technologies.

Human Cloning
By using genetic cloning you can further improve your growing work force by splicing out bad behavior and splicing in higher level abilities.

Building and operating a communications room will allow your colonists to use drones to explore the surface of the planet and find special points of interest with possible rewards and disasters.