Having issues with Mercury Fallen? Please review the following information for troubleshooting steps.

Minimum Requirements

Please ensure your system meets the minimum system requirements. System requirements are shown on the Steam store page.

Mercury Fallen :: System Requirements


Video Card Drivers

Some issues can be caused by out of date video card drivers. Ensure you are using the latest video drivers/software for your video card. Below is a list of common video card manufacturers and links to their respective website. Make sure to get drivers that match your video card hardware.


Video Card Manufacturers

NVidia –


Intel –


Verify Installation Files

Sometimes Steam may not install or update Mercury Fallen correctly which can lead to various issues/crashes. To verify your installation please follow the below instructions.

Open your Steam Library

Right Click on Mercury Fallen and select Properties

Click the Local Files tab

Click Verify Integrity Of Game Files

Mercury Fallen :: Verify Game Files

Steam will check the local game files and attempt to update/fix installation issues.

Directx 9

Mercury Fallen is developed using the Unity3D engine and defaults to DirectX11 on the Windows platform. In some instances this can cause conflicts and switching modes to DirectX 9 can help improve stability. This should only be done if you are experiencing issues/crashes in Mercury Fallen.


How To Switch To DirectX 9 (Windows only)

Open your Steam Library

Right Click on Mercury Fallen and select Properties

Under the General tab click Set Launch Options…

In the input field put: -force-d3d9

Mercury Fallen :: Launch Options


Mercury Fallen should now run using DirectX 9, which may improve stability in some instances. 


Save Games

As new updates for the game come out, save games created in previous versions may not work as expected or not work at all. This is a natural side effect of the Early Access format. While I generally do my best to support save games between versions, there may be some updates/larger changes that mean older save games are no longer compatible. While not always a requirement, it is recommended to start a new game when new updates come out.


Additional Support

If you are still experiencing issues you can post in the Steam discussions or use the contact form on the Mercury Fallen website. When reporting issues/bugs please provide a detailed description of the issue that you are having and, if possible, how the issue can be recreated.