Running In Circles

I spend entirely too much time trying to fix stuff that isn’t quite broken. The path finding system did need some tweaks, but I keep reworking a lot of the core code instead of focusing on the features needed to do what it needs to do. This is a common problem given that I keep feeling a can do […]

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World Generation

Mercury Fallen takes place underground and I felt it rather important that the maps are proceduraly  generated for various reasons. I’ve spent a bunch of time looking over articles and techniques to get my brain in gear on the process. I’ve messed a bit with map generation in earlier projects, but I always enjoy doing some […]

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Mercury Fallen Begins

I’ve been working on Mercury Fallen for a little over a month now. I wanted to get a website up and running before this, but was a little strapped for cash to purchase the domain. That, of course, has now been accomplished and I’m ready to start blabbing about the development process. I have a tendency to focus […]

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