Developer Log #47 :: Colonist Management

Colonist Management

The colonist management screen has been completely overhauled to include a grid of colonist cards. Each colonist card contains primary info and allows for quick changes to job roles and equipment items.

Maximum Job Roles

In the coming update, colonists will no longer be able to have all job roles assigned at once — players will choose up to three roles per colonist card. Job roles will be tracked in job slots, which also determine priority; manual job priority assignments have been removed.

Job Role Requirements

Not all colonists will be capable of all job roles. Job roles now have minimum attribute requirements to be assigned.

Durability & Reliability

Object durability is now functional and represents the condition of an object. Objects will become worn and dirty as their durability drops, and be destroyed if durability reaches zero.

Builders are responsible for repairing objects and will use repair kits, if available. Repair kits greatly speed up the repair process.

Most machines will also have a reliability attribute. Machines may take damage or break down when reliability is low. Reliability will decay slowly over time.

The new technician job role is responsible for inspecting machines and increasing their reliability. The amount of reliability a technician can restore is based on their job level. Reliability is restored by 10% per technician job level. For example a level 5 technician will only be able to restore reliability to 50% on the machines they inspect.

Tech Tree

New research projects have been added and the tech tree has includes a visual update.

I’m working on finishing up final tweaks, and plan to have Update 20 available on the test build branch by next week. I’m very excited about all of the new changes. Certainly let me know what you think about the new content coming in Update 20.

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