Alpha 0.06a :: Hot Fix

Fixes Fixed issue with colonist movement speed calculation causing the game to become unresponsive in some instances. Fixed minor error in water shader

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Alpha 0.06 :: Paranoid Colonists

Mercury Fallen 0.06 Release

I’m very excited to announce the release of alpha version 0.06 which available now on Itch.IO. A large focus of this update has been related to the colonist needs, attributes and the new Quirks. There have also been various updates to other parts of the game as well. Let’s take a look at some of the new […]

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Developer Log #19 :: Quirks

Now that we have some better ways to manage colonist jobs roles I wanted to start working on expanding the colonist attributes and how they effect game play. What slows me down most is usually how best to show the underlying data to the player. I’ve made some good progress on better colonist status info. Info Tabs When […]

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Alpha 0.05 :: Colonist Management

Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.05

  Another week and another update for Mercury Fallen. After the big fixes in the last update I wanted to focus back on new content. New in 0.05 is the colonist management screen and the ability to rename colonists.   Colonist Management A highly requested feature has been the ability to better manage the job roles for the […]

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Developer Log #18 :: Management

The 0.04b update for Mercury Fallen largely resolves the reported performance issues that players were having with the game which means I can return my attention to content updates. Better facility/colonist management is now back on the priority list and I’ve made some great progress this week.

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Alpha 0.04b :: Finding A Path

Alpha_0.04b Header

0.04b is a small, but rather important, patch release that addresses the large majority of lag spikes and overall performance in the game. This version should be the final version focusing just on performance related issues, which means I can now focus on adding in great new content. I’ve completely removed and replaced the path finding […]

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Alpha 0.04a :: Deconstruction Hot Fix

After yesterdays release it was reported that there was a game breaking bug with the deconstruction tool. 0.04a has just been released to resolve this issue.   Release Notes Fixed critical issue with structure removal/deconstruction causing the game to break

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Alpha 0.04 :: Optimizations Round 1

Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.04

A huge thank you for all the support and great feedback. I’ve managed to fix up various issues as well as further improve performance. This is the first batch of fixes to help improve performance and overall stability in the game. While this is mostly a bug fix release there are a couple of new features and […]

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Developer Log #17 :: Performance

There have been a lot of new people playing Mercury Fallen over the last week which has lead to some great feedback. The core concern most users have, at the moment, is performance related issues and crashing.

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Alpha 0.03 :: Dining In Style

Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.03 Featured

Alpha 0.03 is now available on Itch.IO. This new update addresses several issues as well as adds some new features such as functional eating tables and customized light colors.

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