Update 18 Now Live!

Howdy Pioneers!


Update 18 is now available, with many additions, changes, fixes and performance tweaks. A big thank you to to everyone who provided feedback on the test build.


Facility Minimap

View your entire facility with the new facility minimap. The minimap shows your facility, camera view area and colonists. You can now quickly navigate to different areas by clicking on the minimap. Speed and overlay controls have been updated and shifted to new positions on the screen to accommodate the new minimap interface.


Robot Recycler

The robot recycler finally lets you scrap robots you no longer need and get some resources back. The robot info panel now has a recycle button which will instruct the robot to be recycled. The robot will seek out the first available robot recycler and be recycled.


Save Game Interface

A new save game interface has been added that allows you to create a new save game, overwrite an existing game and name your saved games. An auto save feature has also been added. By default, the game will auto save every 10 minutes, but this can be adjusted or turned off in settings. The Quit To Main Menu save confirmation has been removed, as the game will now generate an auto save when returning to the main menu.


UI Tweaks

I’ve made minor tweaks to various UI elements, but the most notable are the changes to the color picker and main menu interface. The color picker has a new look and many more color choices. The main menu has been updated and has a Continue button, which will load the latest saved game.


Fixes & Performance Tweaks

Thanks to your support I’ve been able to hunt down and fix various bugs that affect colonist behavior and more. Several tweaks have been added to improve performance during the later part of the game. Keep those bug reports coming! 🙂


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Website: http://www.mercuryfallen.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/WdndeXx


Release Notes


  • Added: Facility Minimap
  • Added: Robot Recycler. Will receive 50% of of robot materials when robot is recycled.
  • Added. Recycle button added to robot info panel. The robot will automatically seek out an available robot recycler when marked for recycling. They will continue doing other jobs if one is not readily available.
  • Added new Save Game interface that allows for custom file names and overwriting existing saves
  • Game will now auto save at regular intervals.
  • Added game setting for adjusting or disabling auto save time interval. Defaults to every 10 minutes.


  • Removed quit to menu save confirmation screen. Game will now generate an auto save upon quit.
  • Updated look of load game interface
  • Updated color picker interface
  • Increased amount of colors in color picker
  • Color picker colors now defined in xml files
  • Day and time info now shown next to minimap
  • Game speed buttons moved to top of minimap
  • Overlay buttons moved to side of minimap
  • Craft queue add/edit item window now shows item type drop down, where applicable.
  • When hungry and going to a container with food, a colonist will attempt to get enough food to deplete their hunger.
  • Reduced time it take to eat a single item of food. Colonists will take longer to eat when eating multiple low satiation foods. More satiating foods will decrease the time it takes to eat as the colonist will eat less in one sitting.
  • Minor decrease to default hunger rate
  • Raw Potato satiation increased to 18%


  • Fixed: Colonist becoming stuck if object is deconstructed while colonists is en-route to drop of materials.
  • Fixed: Colonists not receiving hauler experience for dropping off materials to construction site.
  • Fixed: Unable to remove equipment items in some instances
  • Fixed: Performance issue related to power/water resource distribution over conduits
  • Fixed: Performance issue with various colonist actions related to finding valid job targets
  • Fixed: Performance issue when calculating attributes for colonists/objects
  • Fixed: Additional minor performance improvements and lowered memory consumption
  • Fixed: Colonists not choosing highest quality food in a container item when going to eat.
  • Fixed: Multiple colonists attempting to install equipment on the same object
  • Fixed: Craft item action not showing item name in action description
  • Fixed: Wasp showing incorrect icon/name/description in info window
  • Fixed: Colonist need values (Hunger/Fatigue/Stress) going above maximum value in some instances
  • Fixed: Colonists stuck if stress is at max, but there is no way to relieve stress.
  • Fixed: Allowed items for containers not saving
  • Fixed: Equipment items not showing in allowed items interface


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