Developer Log #40 :: Graphics Update

Howdy Pioneers!

This week, I started working on something slightly unexpected. While it is on the to-do list, it wasn’t originally planned for the next content update. But it rose up quickly on the priority list, as it was required in order to do some of the other planned features.

Updated Wall Graphics

When I started developing Mercury Fallen, the art style was a bit more simple. As I’ve added new objects, however, that art style has become more detailed. This has left some of the early art in the game looking out of place. Updating the walls required updating the base model, remapping all the pieces and creating completely new art for each room wall type. This took a few days to do, but I’m very happy with the result.

Wall Objects

The other reason for updating the walls is to allow for objects that can be placed on a wall. The previous wall models used a collision box that encapsulated the entire wall tile. This meant that anything attached to the wall couldn’t be selected, as it was inside the collision boundaries of the wall itself. All the wall models have been updated with a custom collider, so that objects placed on a wall can be easily selected.


An additional challenge was coming up with an intuitive placement system for wall objects. The final result is an object snapping system that allows you to hover the wall object over a wall side, and the object automatically rotates itself to the proper side.

The first new wall object is the wall light. These are a great way to add light without taking up floor space. Additional wall objects are also in development.


Colonist Hunger

In addition to the graphics and decoration updates, I’m also working on various fixes. One big issue is that colonists can get into an endless loop of eating raw potatoes in some instances. To combat this, and generally improve on how colonists eat, colonists will now grab and eat multiple food items at a time to reduce their hunger below the threshold of being hungry enough to eat. This should improve colonists’ overall efficiency, and ensure they aren’t constantly eating.

Thanks for all the great feedback and support!

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