Developer Log #43 :: Minimap and more

I’ve been listening to your feedback and working on a smaller update to add and improve various things. Thanks for the great feedback and bug reports. Be sure to check out the Update 17 survey if you haven’t already.


Facility Minimap

A highly requested feature has been the addition of a minimap. A new minimap will be added to the lower right side of the screen. Speed and overlay controls have been updated and shifted to accommodate the new minimap interface. The minimap shows your facility, camera view area, colonists and you can click it to quickly move the camera to a location on the map.


Robot Recycler

The robot recycler will finally let you scrap robots you no longer need when you want to get some resources back. The robot info panel will now have a recycle button which will instruct the robot to be recycled. The robot will seek out the first available robot recycler and be recycled.


Saved Games

A new save game interface has been added that allows you to create a new save game, overwrite an existing game and name your saved games. A new auto save feature is being added. By default it will auto save every 10 minutes, but this can be adjusted or turned off in settings.


UI Tweaks

I’ve made minor tweaks to various UI elements, but the most notable are the changes to the color picker and main menu interface. The color picker has a new look and many more colors. The main menu has been updated and now has a Continue button which will load the latest saved game.



Thanks to your support I’ve been able to hunt down and fix various bugs that affect colonist behavior and more. Keep those bug reports coming! 🙂


In Development

I’m developing more surface content, but it won’t be ready by Update 18. Some of my future plans include vehicle automation, surface expeditions for colonists, surface construction and more.


Update 18 is well underway and should be available in the Test Build branch on Steam soon. Thank you all for the great support!


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