Patch Update 21.0.1

Howdy Folks

Thanks for the great feedback so far on Update 21. A minor patch update is now available on Steam. Additional tweaks and fixes will be coming over the next few days.

Release Notes

  • Colonist management screen side information updated. Now shows population cap for humans.
  • Removed X button from top right of facility management window. Replaced with back arrow button at the top left.
  • Colonist craft action description now includes how many the colonist will craft
  • Colonists will now immediately drop any carried items on the floor when going to eat
  • Beetle Miner research no longer required blueprint discovery
  • Fixed: planet map display modes drop down not showing correct type when closing and re-opening planet map interface
  • Fixed: Some colonist actions are now interruptible by critical actions to avoid starvation from long action chains
  • Fixed: On Foot expeditions not being removed properly in some instances causing an expedition to appear in the vehicle drop down list


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