Developer Log #50 :: Coming Soon

Update 21 is shaping up to be a very large update. It’s being put through its paces in private testing and coming along very well.

Get your testing cap on because Update 21 will be coming to the public Test Build branch very soon. Here are a few of the things you can expect to see.

World Generation

There are many changes to game balance in the coming update. A big one is the addition of sand as a mine-able resource underground. This allows you to access glass and, by extension, the cloning chamber much sooner.

Population Cap

A population cap is being added for human colonists. You will need to construct O2 generators to increase the starting population cap.

Research Overhaul

Huge changes to research include the ability to unlock research with research points, along with data servers, recipe and crop research, and more.

The tech tree has also been extensively restructured.

Surface Construction

The first step towards surface construction is coming as well. The surface side vehicle bay replaces the vehicle assembly station. You can now convert mining vehicles into mining platforms, which will allow for resource automation through a resource transport vehicle.


You will now be able to set out on expeditions on foot as well as in a vehicle. Expeditions to scanned points of interest on the map will yield new rewards — or grave danger, depending on your colonists’ skill and your decisions.

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I’m super excited about all the new stuff coming in Update 21. What are you most excited about?


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