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Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.03 Featured

Alpha 0.03 is now available on Itch.IO. This new update addresses several issues as well as adds some new features such as functional eating tables and customized light colors.

Saved games from previous version may not be compatible with this update.


Colored Lights

Standing lamps have a new option in their info panel for setting their color. Dark and dreary or light and cheery, the option is now up to you.

Mercury Fallen Colored Lights

Eating Tables

Colonists now have an eating animation while standing and will use eating tables. Colonists will eat at an eating table if one is available and it has seats available.

Bug Fixes

Several issues have been addressed to improve stability and remove game breaking bugs. For more information take a loot at the release notes below.


Release Notes


  • Added eating animation when eating standing up
  • Colonists will now eat at an eating table if one exists and there is a seat available
  • Added harvest crop animation
  • Can now change the light color for standing lamps
  • Deconstruction now removes the structure immediately if it hasn’t been built yet.
  • Minor increase to colonists hunger rate
  • Dead colonists will now disappear shortly after death to avoid body clutter



  • Item containers placed on crop fields are now visible and selectable
  • Colonist now selectable when sitting at a computer station
  • Fixed missing keybind options for camera view modes (Normal/Power/Water)
  • Conduits no longer invisible when placed under walls and some structures.
  • Fixed issue with some scattered robots/stasis capsules not being generated on new game
  • Colonist will stop actively deconstructing structure if deconstruction is canceled
  • Fixed possible crash when deconstructing an object while it’s attempting to connect to a power source
  • Fixed issue with game becoming unresponsive when closing an object window with an open drop down list.
  • Fixed issue with some map seeds not generating water. All map seeds should now have at least some water available on the map.


7 Replys
  1. Just a quick Hi and Note
    This looks amazing and I did the Demo and it was fun, but sadly to say I killed them all but 1 .. did not think about needed someone to plant and Harvest the crops [ Me Bad ] But anyway it was fun and I know more now.
    How Big of a map area is planned? In the demo .. I think it was 60 – 80 – 100 something. Don’t remember off the top of my head.
    Will there be any sort of printable material .. helper let’s say – showing which way to go to get certain items or what is under the locked items; I have water, but saw No wellhead or pump station .. nothing fancy just some basic’s.
    Anyway, you have a Great weekend or week. From the Old Gamer @ (71)

    • Thanks for playing the game and for the response! 100 is the largest map size at the moment and there may yet be larger maps. The other side of the game, which is under development, is surface expeditions which will offer more area to explore. An in game starting tutorial is in the works as well.

      • Thank You for the quick reply .. Just to let you I will be buying ..
        Developers who care about what they are doing and response .. deserves the support of community.

        • Thank you very much! I’ve been working on Mercury Fallen for over a year now and it’s great to finally see people enjoying the game. Community is very important for the games furthered development. Thanks again!

          • Last one for today and just a thought:
            I normally do not play this style of game 3D – I think it’s called. But the Game looks Very promising and I like the design factor you are using, which seems to be working well.
            Being on Social Sec, I have to watch what I spend money on and I think this will be a Great Game.
            I have a G+ page that I upload picture and a few video’s to once in awhile and have had a lot of request to do a channel But YouTube has gone to pot lately and have lost a lot of the respect of their community.
            Anyway, have a great weekend and enjoy. Gary

          • I’m having issues with game and was wondering where to send Save Files ..
            On day 2 – the characters keep freezing up ( they stop moving, including robot ) but all other animation keeps going and working.
            This has happened in 2 different worlds [ planet and copper ] Thank you
            PS: I’ll make a copy of last Save File .. But I’m going to start a new Game, No problem .. it’s EA
            For me it’s all in a day of Gaming

          • In regards to your issue. I noticed you have already done so, but for general reference certainly use the contact form on the website. While you can’t attach anything there I can respond directly via email and you can then send a save file.


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