Alpha 0.04 :: Optimizations Round 1

Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.04

A huge thank you for all the support and great feedback. I’ve managed to fix up various issues as well as further improve performance. This is the first batch of fixes to help improve performance and overall stability in the game. While this is mostly a bug fix release there are a couple of new features and improvements. Alpha 0.04 now available over on Itch.IO.



Crops now have the ability to be cleared after a crop is selected. Just click the new clear crop button and the current growing crop is removed so that a new one can be chosen. No more need to deconstruct crop fields to change the crop.

Mercury Fallen Clear Crops


The capacity meter for inventories has been improved and will now show the current and max quantity of the inventory. The progress meter is also more visible and will become yellow when the inventory is over 60% full and red when the inventory is completely full.

Mercury Fallen Inventory Meter


Release Notes


  • Hemp now only produce 12 units when harvesting
  • Potatoes now only produce 8 units when harvesting
  • Inventory capacity meter shows current and max items
  • Inventory capacity meter colored relative to capacity.
  • Added second destroy button on bottom button bar for removing flooring.
  • Added clear crop button to crop fields to remove currently growing crop so that a different crop can be chosen.
  • Clone Chamber cloning time increased



  • Fixed issue with colonists getting stuck if trying to get item on floor that is in a wall
  • Improved performance when selecting many tiles for mining
  • Improved performance when many structures/floors are in process of being built
  • Improved performance with several running crop fields
  • Improved performance when using many power generators
  • Computer station should now receive power correctly
  • Colonist will stop mining if target is deselected
  • Colonist will stop and re-plan if the item they want to haul to storage was picked up by someone else
  • Fixed issue where drop off item action would result in colonists walking through walls to restart their route if storage container became full
  • Fixed issue with colonists getting stuck if trying to drop off items into a full storage container.
  • Steel ingots no longer show as craftable without metallurgy data recovery
  • Coal/Iron/Copper ground now shows tooltip info
  • Fixed issue with mining laser sound effect volume
  • Updated post processing scripts for increased performance as well as better visual effects.
  • Colonist count now goes down when a colonist dies and is removed.

Known Issues

  • Colonist can get stuck if beds are placed next to each other.
  • Frame rate stutter can still occur on larger maps if the colonists are trying to find a path to an object far away.


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