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0.04b is a small, but rather important, patch release that addresses the large majority of lag spikes and overall performance in the game. This version should be the final version focusing just on performance related issues, which means I can now focus on adding in great new content.

I’ve completely removed and replaced the path finding system to optimize the path finding behavior. The biggest performance issue in the game so far had been the path finding system because there are various checks that need to happen to ensure a colonist can get from one place to another. The new path finding system runs much more smoothly and greatly reduces lag spikes and hiccups on all map sizes.

0.04b available now in Itch.IO

Release Notes


  • New path finding system to improve overall performance
  • Robot starting age adjusted
  • Reduced the amount of scattered stasis capsules and damaged robots on new maps
  • Colonists should walk a bit more directly to a work position



  • Additional fixes to resolve issues with colonist getting stuck while hauling items
  • Minor UI optimizations to improve performance
  • Colonists should no longer get stuck in beds
  • Colonists should walk through closed doors less frequently
  • Mining/deconstruction tool canceled when clicking a build category
  • Mining/deconstruction tool canceled when clicking global storage
  • Placing a new object no longer opens the info window for the floor below it
  • Colonists stuck in walls should automatically get unstuck.
  • Colonist will stop data recovery if computer station loses power or is disabled



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