Alpha 0.09 :: Power Play

Mercury Fallen :: Alpha 0.09

This update took a bit longer than previous updates, but getting the new power/water generation working as intended was a bigger undertaking then I expected it to be. While existing save games are supported, some features work best on a fresh new game. There are a lot of great new features, changes and tweaks so without rambling let’s take a look.

Power Generation

Mercury Fallen :: Fuel Required

The power generator has been renamed to the coal generator and now requires anthracite as a fuel in order to generate power. Each generator has a fuel level and colonists with the haul job role will refill the generator with fuel when the fuel level is below the user defined threshold.

Each piece of anthracite in the generator will refill a percentage of fuel units. The generator will consume 1 unit of fuel as long as it’s enabled and an additional fuel unit for each device it’s providing power to. Anthracite also has a new item type called ‘Fuel’ so that in can be filtered in storage containers.

The generator also shows power output as a meter to indicate how much power it’s currently providing over how much it can deliver in total. On the main HUD bar there are also new meters showing the global outputs and consumption of power and water.


Power & Water Flow

Mercury Fallen :: Resource Flow

Power and water is no longer instantaneous and now flows through conduits to deliver it’s resource. There is a max distance that power and water can flow which is visually shown in the conduits as the resource flows through it.


Starting Tutorial Tasks

Mercury Fallen :: Tutorial Tasks

There are now starting tutorial tasks for new players to get acquainted with some of the core mechanics. The tutorial will track progress and disappear once it’s completed.


There are a lot of additional changes, tweaks and updates so be sure to checkout the full release notes below.


Release Notes


  • Power generators now require Anthracite fuel to operate. Haulers will haul fuel to to power generator when generator fuel store is below refill threshold.
  • Generator refuel threshold can be set per generator in it’s info panel
  • Generator fuel is consumed per second and per machine that receives power. More machines connected results in higher fuel consumption. Disabled generators will not consume fuel.
  • Power generator and water pump now visually send pulses of power/water through conduits.
  • Power/water level in conduits have a max travel distance. Conduit color fades over distance and machines too far away will not receive power/water.
  • New power/water meters on main HUD bar which show total amount of resource consumed over total amount of resource generated
  • Getting Started task list will now show at top left. Existing save games will see the new task list as well and some tasks will be retroactively completed. Tasks are automatically checked off as the relevant task is performed and the task list will disappear when all tasks have been completed. Tutorial can be optionally skipped.



  • Ore Refinery now lights up only when in use by colonist
  • Bio-Refiner screen now lights up when in use by colonist
  • Updated main menu background
  • Updated game icon
  • Item type now shown in item tooltips
  • Added fuel as an item type
  • Anthracite item type is now fuel
  • Generator renamed to Coal Generator
  • Changed/updated description of various objects/items
  • Ore Refinery now requires power to operate
  • Water Pump now requires power to operate
  • Object size now shown in build info requirements
  • Crop fields now show 3×3 crops instead of 4×4
  • Potato crop now bigger in crop field and plant pot
  • Improved performance with crop growth



  • Improved memory optimizations to resolve crashing issues on some platforms
  • Further optimizations to colonist behavior for better performance
  • Fixed missing text data for Eye Strain ailment
  • Fixed issue with item tooltips not showing full information in craft queues
  • Audio on main HUD buttons are now affected by UI volume setting
  • Power conduit as part of new game world generation no longer extends from the generator all the way to the edge of the map.
  • Decoration objects can no longer be built on water
  • Robots should no longer walk on some water tiles
  • Hover Tooltip info now updates in realtime
  • Game should no longer freeze for a moment after dragging out several floors/walls/conduits etc. to build



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