Alpha 0.09a :: Patch Update

Mercury Fallen :: Alpha 0.09a

Howdy folks! This is just a quick patch update to fix up a couple of things and further increase performance and stability. It really helps me out to get feedback about the game so keep that bug reporting and feedback coming.

The development focus, for the moment, is getting the game ready for the big Steam release. The game is currently in the review process over on Steam and I’ll have an official release date very soon!

Release Notes


  • Added ability to reset camera view to ensure players can’t get lost in the darkness. Default keybind is set to ‘C’ key.


  • Game should no longer become unresponsive when colonist disappears after death while that colonists info window is open
  • Material color should now show correctly when changing light color for standing lamp and nightstand
  • Further optimizations to pathfinding to reduce memory overhead and increase stability
  • Optimization to animations to improve performance


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