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Mercury Fallen Alpha 0.12

I’m super duper excited to announce that Alpha 0.12 is now available on Steam! This update is packed with new content, updates and lots of fixes. While the priority system was certainly a focus for this update there is a lot of additional content that has gone in to this update.

Important Note
Existing save games from 0.11 will not load properly in 0.12. Please start a new game in 0.12.


Priority System

Alpha 0.12 :: Priority System

The new job priority system allows you to set the priority order of job roles per colonist. This is visible in both the colonist info window and colonist management screen. Higher priority jobs will be performed before lower priority jobs.
This is just the start. Additional priority options will be coming in future updates

Object Placement

Alpha 0.12 :: Object Placement

Object placement has been overhauled and a new visible footprint is shown when placing down objects. This new system helps to enforce proper walk areas for colonists as well as stopping colonists from walking through objects. More information about building objects can now be found in the in-game manual.


Alpha 0.12 :: Manual

A new in-game manual has been added that can be access by opening the facility management screen and selecting manual from the top button bar. The manual is not content complete, but is a great starting point for new and existing players.

New Objects

Alpha 0.12 :: New Objects

The Tech Printer machine has been added which is used, by the engineer, to create tech items such as electronics and mechanical parts. The smelter has been re-designed and a new storage container option makes it’s way in to the game.

More Audio Effects

I’ve added many sound effects for various actions/machines to help liven the game up a bit. There is still more to add, but this is a good first step towards a more audible environment.


Alpha 0.12 has a lot of great new additions, changes and bug fixes. Let me know what you think.


Release Notes


  • Job Role Priority system that allows priority control per job role. Jobs at a higher priority will be done before jobs with a lower priority. 1 = High Priority, 10 = Low Priority.
    Job Role priority controls in Management screen and colonist info window
  • Game manual now available as a section under the Facility Management interface. Press [Tab] to open and select manual at top. Manual is not complete and will be expanded with future updates.
  • New object placement system. Visual footprint now shows when building objects. Objects enforce a walkable area colored in green. Non-walkable areas are colored in red. The object footprint overlay shows during placement as well as when an object is selected.


  • Added: Colonists will now move item containers from a construction area before building objects.
  • Added: Tech Printer machine which is used to create technology components.
  • Added: Electronics recipe
  • Added: Mechanical Parts item and recipe
  • Added: New research to unlock the Tech Printer
  • Added: Audio/Visual effects to power generator
  • Added: Audio/Visual effects to computer station
  • Added: Robot Assembler audio
  • Added: Door Open/Close audio
  • Added: Deconstruction audio
  • Added: Vertical storage container
  • Added: Mining filter button row above mining button to toggle multi-select for normal and deep mining
  • Changed: Deconstruction filter window now shows as button group above deconstruct button
  • Changed: Stasis Capsules and inactive robots are now embedded in dirt tiles instead of replacing them. They must be mined out before use.
  • Changed: Objects now have forced non-walkable tiles which should resolve colonists walking through objects.
  • Changed: Updated objects to use the new footprint system which results in objects placed in existing saved games no longer loading properly.
  • Changed: Improved colonist detection for closest interaction tile from current position. Colonists will prefer to use the closest green walkable tile for an object or closest bordering tile when applicable.
  • Changed: Colonists can no longer walk through objects that are not finished being built
  • Changed: New smelter model
  • Changed: Elevator no longer shows inventory quantity. Elevator is only for starter items and not used for general storage.
  • Changed: Fridge now requires power. Colonists will not store food items in unpowered fridges.
  • Changed: Cloning Chamber now requires electronics as a build material
  • Changed: Points spent in Smarts via the Robot Assembler now uses electronics at higher levels.
  • Changed: Points spent in Athletics via the Robot Assembler now uses mechanical parts at higher levels.
  • Changed: Starting missing colonists and inventory now exposed to XML files
  • Changed: Removed doppler effect from audio sources to fix audio distortion when rotating/moving the camera.
  • Changed: Robot Assembler window now shows the materials it is waiting for before construction can begin


  • Fixed: Botanist job role not spelled correctly
  • Fixed: Hover icons showing over main HUD UI
  • Fixed: Skip button not appearing during opening story text when starting a second game from the main menu
  • Fixed: Colonists building while standing in another object to be built which results in colonists getting stuck in other objects.
  • Fixed: Some audio sources still being heard further away than they should have been.
  • Fixed: HUD UI becomes unresponsive if closing the crop field window while the crop type drop down is open
  • Fixed: Crop field drop down callback not being cleared when window is closed leading to memory build up and possible game crash.
  • Fixed: Power Generator still providing power when it runs out of fuel
  • Fixed: Engineer not dropping off all required materials to robot assembler
  • Fixed: Clone Chamber still functioning if power/water is not available. Clone progress now paused until power/water is restored.
  • Fixed: Robot Assembler still continues construction if it has no power or is disabled. Construction is paused until power is restored.
  • Fixed: Engineer not working at Tech Printer
  • Fixed: Ailments/Quirks related to move speed not working or being loaded
  • Fixed: Random Game crash when colonist is being treated at medi-bed
  • Fixed: Object placement not canceled when clicking Mine or Deconstruct buttons
  • Fixed: Possible game crash when colonists generate a path to construct an object
  • Fixed: Power still magically generated for machines after generator is removed
  • Fixed: Robot Assembler not saving construction state correctly leading to save game crash upon load
  • Fixed: Various code optimizations/modifications to improve game performance and stability


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