Alpha 0.12 Test Build

Happy New Year everyone! I took a bit of a break over the holidays, but was still working on various updates, fixes and content. Once again I’ll need your help tracking down the bugs in the latest Test Build Branch.

If you’re interested in helping test latest test build please read the following:

New Features

Job Priority
The new job priority system allows you to set the priority order of job roles per colonist. This is visible in both the colonist info window and colonist management screen. Higher priority jobs will be performed before lower priority jobs.
This is just the start. Additional priority options will be coming in future updates

A new in-game manual has been added that can be access by opening the facility management screen and selecting manual from the top button bar. The manual will continue to be added on to, but I wanted to cover some of the core elements of the game.

Tech Printer
New technology items can now be crafted at the Tech Printer. A new data recovery project has been added to unlock this new machine.

New Sound Effects
I’ve added many sound effects for various actions/machines to help liven the game up a bit. There is still more to add, but this is a good first step towards a more audible environment.

For more information, including the full release notes, check out the Alpha 0.12 Test Build discussion:


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