Alpha 0.12a Patch

Alpha 0.12a is now available to address some of the more critical issues found in the 0.12 update.

About Decor

There was an issue with the decor system that caused decor values to not be calculated correctly. This has been resolved, but means that colonists will now generate more stress on average. To balance this out colonists will no longer stop working at max stress. Colonists, instead, will now receive a reduction to work speed at higher stress levels.


There are still some lingering issues that are being resolved, but I wanted to push an update to get some of these core issues fixed up. Thanks to everyone who has provided feedback and helped to make Mercury Fallen even better. 🙂



  • Changed: Colonists no longer stop working at max stress
  • Changed: Colonists now receive work speed reduction at higher stress levels
  • Fixed: Colonist stopping when passing a door even if they aren’t walking through it
  • Fixed: Unable to place some types of floor in green tiles of an object  
  • Fixed: Objects with avoid tiles can be placed on top of each other
  • Fixed: Decor not properly updating. This also meant colonists were not properly affected by decor. Higher stress average is expected
  • Fixed: Colonists unable to find a path to a chair/bench, to relax, which would cause them to stand in place


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