Alpha 0.13a :: Patch

Alpha 0.13a is now available on Steam. This is a minor, but critical, update to resolve crashing issues for Mac users. There are a few additional tweaks and fixes included as well.


Release Notes

  • Added: Robot charge pad now has a particle effect when in use.
  • Changed: Additional aspect ratios now supported under resolution options
  • Changed: Game no longer defaults to full screen when opening for the first time
  • Changed: Game now available in both 32 bit and 64 bit for Windows.
  • Changed: Mac version now requires 64-bit CPU/OS
  • Changed: Windows version no longer supports DirectX 9.
  • Changed: Migrated code/assets to latest version of the Unity engine.
  • Changed: Object blueprint build info now has a progress bar and item grid to show needed vs. supplied resources.
  • Changed: Build info window now shows it’s build position number in the build queue.
  • Fixed: Game crashing at startup on Mac.
  • Fixed: Unable to place floor tile next to objects that use empty tiles in its footprint. This is most noticeable if trying to place a different floor tile other than bedroom floor to the left/right of the head of a bed.
  • Fixed: Colonists walking around with zero health


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