Alpha 0.14.1 Patch Now Live

Alpha 0.14.1 is a small patch update to fix and tweak a few things and is now available now Steam. The most notable change in this update is that colonist death notifications now reference the cause of death. Additionally I made some tweaks to the tech tree and the food quality of sushi to better balance food production. The inability to complete the “Refine Structure Resin” tutorial task has been fixed.

Check the release notes below for all the changes/fixes.


Release Notes

  • Changed: Colonist death notification now references cause of death
  • Changed: Starving effect renamed to Starvation
  • Changed: Clicking the colonist portrait in the colonist info window will set the camera to follow the colonist, if not already being followed
  • Changed: Aquarium now has a colonist roster.
  • Changed: Starting supply chest now has 20 emergency rations instead of 10.
  • Changed: Food Processing research is now after Biology research
  • Changed: Sushi now has a higher food quality.
  • Fixed: Refine structure resin tutorial task not completing after refining structure resin.
  • Fixed: Colonist not spawned with 100% health if random quirk affects maximum health value.
  • Fixed: Can still move camera by moving cursor to the bottom edge of the screen when facility management interface is open.
  • Fixed: Cooked potatoes has wrong name in research interface tool-tip


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