Alpha 0.14.3 Now Live!

Alpha 0.14.3 is out of the test build branch and now live on Steam. This is a small update while I continue development of the next big content update.

Mercury Fallen :: Craft Queue

The craft queue and robot assembler interfaces will now show available ingredients highlighted in green and unavailable ingredients highlighted in red.


Mercury Fallen :: Construction Effect

As objects get constructed they will now dissolve in. This has the benefit of looking cool and illustrating the build progress.


Thank you all for the awesome feedback and support. Keep an eye out for future developer logs where I’ll cover progress on the new planetary exploration features in development.

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Twitter: @mercuryfall

Release Notes

  • Added: Can now toggle UI by pressing F10. Key can be remapped in settings.
  • Added: Objects being built now dissolve in to show build progress.
  • Changed: Objects no longer flicker on/off when getting power for the first time when running multiple generators.
  • Changed: Craft queue and robot assembler interfaces now outline available ingredients in green and unavailable ingredients in red.
  • Changed: Minor improvement to performance to decrease memory usage.
  • Fixed: Power/water generators still showing positive output when disabled.
  • Fixed: Output bonus on aeroponics farm not showing as percentage


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